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When the game is finish to install,it look for updates but they never appear and it froze there. I have the same issus whit diablo 3,someone can help me whit this problem please
I'm having the exact same problem on my mac. I get to the "Checking for updates" part but it doesn't get past about 5%
Hello Drackord and Fayye,

Would it be possible for you both to send me a copy of your most recent Logs? It will help us to better understand the cause of the issue.

This may not result in an immediate fix for your individual issue, but it will go directly towards getting this sort of issue fixed in general. That being said, if we can find anything in the your logs that will help us to better troubleshoot your issue, we will do so.
You can navigate to the folder by following these steps:
• Using Finder, click Macintosh HD.
• Navigate to the" /Users/Shared/" directory.

Then can you attach the log files from the following folders:
(If you have it, or the highest incremental number you have.)
And please also include this file as well:

You can email those as a zip archive to this address:

Please use this line for the subject: [your username] [Problem whit the install on mac] [8728852828]

Exeliran, could this be related to the issue where the game specific Launchers always check for updates and sit for 30 seconds before Agent finally switches the Blizzard Launcher (from /Users/shared/ into the foreground? If so and you want, I can clear my logs and relaunch the Launcher to give you the files you're seeking from these two players.

I've been trying rather futily to figure out a fix to this, but the closest I have is dragging the (in the root location of the /Users/Shared/ folder) to the dock next to the Launcher button and manually launching and then immediately running the game specific Launcher, which then works fine. Seems the bootstrapper is having some major issues since version 1575.
i dont have

Would we have news soon? because paying for a game who didint work its not very funny

Thank you very much for your logs! I've added them to a bug I created about this issue for further review.



More logs would be great! If you can send me your latest agent logs along with the Bootstrapper logs that would be really helpful.

C:\ProgramData\\Agent\Agent.XXXX (which ever is the latest version on your system)

If possible I would like to get logs from your existing tools and logs from a fresh set of tools (if you were to rename your existing folder to something like "Battle.net_2")

Just use the same naming convention so I can keep track of the email easily: [Tiapriestess] [Problem whit the install on mac] [8728852828]

Thank you again for submitting logs. We have put together a solution that should get you back on track.

Please download this .zip file and drop its contents into your folder.

You can navigate to the folder by following these steps:
• Using Finder, click Macintosh HD.
• Navigate to the" /Users/Shared/" directory.

Now Unzip the "" file you downloaded above.

Drag the Agent and Client folders from the .zip archive into the /Users/Shared/ folder.

When you are prompted, select "Replace".

Your tools should now be up to date and running the Launcher should function as normal.

Let me know how this works for you.
To add to Exeliran's post, if you follow his instructions and still have issues, you can try setting the permissions on the folders he had you place into /Users/Shared/ Here's how to do so:

Resetting Permissions

1) Navigate to the folder containing your World of Warcraft folder, and then highlight your World of Warcraft folder in the Finder.

2) Right click the World of Warcraft folder icon and select Get Info.

3) Click the Padlock icon at the bottom of the Get Info window and enter your administrator password (this authenticates you as an administrator).

4) In the Sharing and Permissions tab, select the Everybody group and choose Read and Write option in the Privileges pulldown menu. Make sure you are working with the pulldown menu on the same line as the Everybody group.

5) Click the Cogwheel icon at the bottom of the window and select Apply to enclosed items. When it asks you to confirm this, select OK. Close the Get Info window.

Your permissions are now set properly for World of Warcraft and all of its game files.

6) Navigate to your /Users/Shared folder in the Finder.

7) Right click the Blizzard folder and select Get Info.

8) Repeat steps #3 through #5 for this folder, then close the window.

9) Right click the folder and select Get Info.

10) Repeat steps #3 through #5 for this folder, then close the window.

Doing this will ensure all of your World of Warcraft and Blizzard related files have the proper permissions set.

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