i think i just saw a haker/modder

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I was just training for master flying (artisan i cant rember),and i see a lvl orc warlock on a flying mount flying around and the mount doesnt even exist (it's like the bat for FP's in trisfal glades) i think the guy's name was ......(but with the e with the line over the top) it has been bugging me so i thought that i'd tell you guys.

Sinceraly: a worried player.

P.S: i tried taking a screen shot but it only took one of my desktop.
P.P.S: my is Drak'thul
We do not call out players on the forums. If you see someone exploiting, right click on the nameplate and report them for cheating.
It could have been lag - I've "seen" low levels running around on flight point gryphons back when my computer specs weren't as great as they are now.

Still, if you're worried - right click the player's portrait and report for cheating. You'll want to remove the name from your post though, as it can be considered "calling out" a player, which is against the rules.
Thanks i hope it was lag.
Thanks i hope it was lag.

Odds are pretty good. I've seen some odd things when experiencing latency. My Druid switched to flight form but on my screen for a full 15 seconds or so I was swimming through the air. :D

I should mention that if they were "modding", you wouldn't have seen anything different. That practice, which is a violation of our policies, is visible only on their side.
My Druid switched to flight form but on my screen for a full 15 seconds or so I was swimming through the air. :D

I actually love that one. Even better when switching from cat form to flight form, and you have a kitty "swimming" through the air :P
If they were moving smoothly or somewhat smoothly on your side chances are that you were just lagging out. However if they were "rubber banding" vertically, and by that I mean falling then instantly returning to their original height in the air, then that is evidence of hacking, just right click their names report them and move on while blizzard's ingame security team does their thing.
if they are found of doing problematic behavior it isn't gone in a day. they do a ban wave on every user who uses the program to automate their character or hack once they know which program they are using to shut it down.

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