Open Libram LXXVI: Send In The Nuns!

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Not sure if I should transfer to Stormrage and play with a couple of buds from college or move to A-52 to join my old raiding guild. Conflicted.
When I played with most of my friends we really never had stability to do anything worthwhile than the occasional dungeon or old raid.
Of course it's not always like this, just speaking from personal experience, but going to a place dedicated to raiding is much better for the long term imo.

Really comes down to what your goal in this game is.
So doing repeats of CMs to get guildies their gold set, and Scholomance just bugged out twice after Lilian Voss.

Hate it when this happens, had to do 3 runs to finish, atleast we didn't have to burn an invis pot. Thought that bug would have been fixed by now.
04/27/2013 03:06 PMPosted by Elidra
Speaking of doing nothing in WoW, Darksiders 2 beckons to me!

I enjoyed it. The gear system felt superfluous, but the combat, puzzles, and platforming were solid.

Yeah, its been pretty good so far; wall-walking stuff can be a twitchy pain in the as, though. Really enjoying the story, but not the gear system - it just feels arbitrary. Same with leveling.

04/27/2013 03:12 PMPosted by Cadenbrie
Heard good things about it, also heard it was basically a Zelda knock off. Guess that means I'd probably enjoy it.

I've always likened the original Darksiders more to God of War.

04/27/2013 03:36 PMPosted by Shiralia
Fallout New Vegas.

I hated Dead Money with a passion. Old World Blues was really good if only for the retro-geek factor (and Doctor O's voice actor!). My favorite of the DLCs, though, was Lonesome Road. Interesting character development for the Courier and some really nice gear if your building for crit.
<--- this mog

make it, Lobster, I would be flattered
Purple judgement set with the eyepatch.
04/27/2013 09:29 PMPosted by Aglaea

Overrated and over used. :)
The guy that fell off the ramp?
Ah nope, I was thinking "Judgement Minecraft" -
I think one of the winners last Blizzcon did a really stellar T2 cosplay too. Pretty sure I can't top that one lol.

Think it was second place, that Starcraft cosplay won it.

But yes, his Tier 2 outfit was amazing but the Ashbringer was the really impressive piece.
Monsters inc is such an amazing movie
so quiet! i'm bored!
I think one of the winners last Blizzcon did a really stellar T2 cosplay too. Pretty sure I can't top that one lol.

Guy got 2nd place with it
so quiet! i'm bored!

What gives Libram.

Guy got 2nd place with it

I said that!

Also that hat makes you look hilarious.
It's okay Caden, I got a look at his hair before he re-hatted himself. His pony will be beautiful!



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