Expected 5.3 release date?

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I'm assuming there hasn't been any kind of official announcement but I was wondering if we could speculate as to when this will come out.

Any ideas? Give reasons if you can

We expect the 5.3 patch to be released within the next several weeks. Currently, there is no option to disable this background download. This may be an option sometime in the future.
Blizz has stated an approximate release schedule of 2 months for lore patches (5.1 and 5.3) and 4 months for raid patches (5.2 and 5.4).

5.2 was released on March 5th.

There is no Release Candidate build on the PTR yet, which means it definitely won't come out next week.

All of these things lead me to predict a release date of May 7th.
not looking forward to it hope they take their time. dont like the 65% base resil crap
I dont like the new base resilience idea. People who pvp work hard for their gear and suffer through many losses in bgs and arenas. And what pvers dont have in resilience now they make up for in health. Combine the base resilience with that health and theres no point in having pvp gear.
theres no point in having pvp gear.

theres no point in having pvp gear.

You might have lots of health and resil but with 0 pvp power how are you going to kill anyone? PvP gear is still very nice.
The shareholder conference call said ""later this month". Traditionally, they do not have maintenance or just restarts the week before the patch. That that for what it is worth.

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