Purchased Battle Chest but still Trial?

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I bought the battle chest but I'm still being treated as trial...
It takes up to 72 hours for all social restrictions (mail, ah, guild, chat)to be removed from the account, but you should be able to level past 20 now.
Another quick question, if I may:
How long does it take for digital items to appear in your account?
I bought the cinder kitten and celestial steed just now and already linked them to my account.
thanks in advance!
Normally they show up quite quickly (assuming you are logged out when you do the purchase). However you need to wait for your trial restrictions to lift for anything that arrives via mail.
Do they show up in your mount/pet window automatically or in your mail first?
I am pretty sure the cinder kitten comes in the mail. I have never purchased a mount from the store though so can't say on that one. Check your pet/mount journal and if it is not there, then wait for your mail to start working :)
Alright, thanks!

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