Invent a glyph.

Glyph of Arcanum

This glyph makes Arcane Explosion able to be targeted on other targets, including friendly targets. Friendly targets will take no damage, and threat is transfered to the friendly target.

Glyph of Concussion Blast

This glyph empowers an Arcane Barrage cast with 4 stacks the ability to knock the target back 6 yards and will daze a target with no mana bar or interrupt the target with a mana bar.

Glyph of Unstable magic

When casting an arcane blast that already has 4 stacks, the target will explode as if an arcane explosion were cast. The primary target still takes full damage, but the splash damage is not affected by arcane charges.The radius is 8 yards.
Glyph of riches
Whenever a player whines about ring of peace, you gain 1 gold.
Glyph of the Rogue Wizard: Removes all existing portal spells. Your portal ability creates a portal anchor at your current location. Casting the spell again will create a portal to your current anchor. Use of this glyph will cause you to become hated with the Kirin Tor.

Glyph of the Socially Uninhibited Game Developer: Increase Blizzard Damage by A LOT. Because it's Blizzard. And it's never been all that great due to fear that it would garner a great deal of forum hate. Seriously - We used to have rain of fire.

Glyph of Chains of Ice - Reverts Frost Nova's snared animation to the Classic Beta graphic now used for Chains of Ice.
New lvl 90 talent :

Cataclysm: The Mage cast a cataclysm that kills every other class in a infinite radius around the mage. Goes through immunity, ghost form and happy panda dance mode.

On a serious note:

-Tier 1-
Ice flow: Since it has charges, make it unlimited time. Dont make a "lookalike" Spiritwalker's Grace, but for mage. If u want to keep it distinct and viable, make it unlimited time and CD start when last charge is used.
PoM and BzS are fine.

-Tier 2-
Flameglow is perfect, not OP and not under powered. Ice barrier always has been good. Only Temporal Shield needs to be improved a bit for PvP if we want people to not only use IB.

- Make the shield and the ripple undispellable.
- Make Temporal shield like the Brewmaster Mastery: 50% of the damage received during the Shield period will be transfered over 6 seconds after the shield ends.

-Tier 3-
Ice Ward and Frostjaw are the less used talents in my opinion. Either rework them or bring new ones.
This could be a good tier where to bring back the old Blast Wave since its the "Control" tier in my opinion.

Frostjaw is poor due to it sharing DR with other frost snares. Mostly good for non-frost mage who do not have access to instant Deep Freeze via FoF.
Ice Ward does nto share DR with other freeeze, which is nice. I dunno why I rarely use it, maybe because i prefer to avoid dmg in pvp then getting hit. It's basically a spells against melee and I do not have problems getting away from melees.

Replacement Suggestions:
- Blast Wave. 35 seconds CD. Instant cast. 30 yards. On choosen location. Drops an intensive heat wave on the targeted area which deals X amount of damage and daze the ennemy targets caught within it for 5 seconds.

-Distortion Wave. 1 minute CD. 1 second cast. The mage emits an arcane wave that distorts the space around her. Any ennemy cought in it is pushed (not knockback) 10 yards away and stunned for 2 seconds. (Shouldn't be a knockback, just push the target away, if there is a cliff its not pushed further than the cliff's edge).

-Tier 4-

Cold Snap and Cauterize are both fine as they are. Only Greater Invisibility needs to be reworked.

My suggestion:
- Greater Invisibility: Instant. 2 minutes CD. 20 seconds duration. Removes all damage over time effect and run speed is increased by 40% during the effect. Reduce damage taken while invisible by 90% and for 5 seconds after the effect.

The actual Glyph of Invisibility would be baseline for Invisibility and Greater Invisbility.
- Glyph of Phased Invisibility: When you enter an Invisibility state, you become phased out and every attacks done to you will miss. Invisibility's duration is reduced by half.

-Tier 5-

The ideas are great, just need a bit of reworking. Living bomb should stay as the bomb for 3-8 targets, NT for 1-2 targets and Frost bomb for 8+.

-Living Bomb can only be placed on 1 target but everytime the target gets hit by a Frostbolt, Frostfire Bolt, Fireball, Pyroblast, Arcane Barrage or Arcane Blast, it spreads it to a nearby target within 10 yards, up to 3 additional targets. The main Living Bomb would explode after 20 seconds while those applied via cleave would explode after 10 seconds. Can only have 1 main Living bomb and 3 smaller ones.

-Frost Bomb damage on the main target should be lowered by 30% and the damage of the explosion increased by 10%. Ennemies hit by Frost Bomb (even raid bosses) would be considered as frozen and slowed by 60% for 4 seconds. 15 seconds cooldown and 4 seconds countdown. Both affected by haste.

-Tier 6-
Incanter's ward is perfect as it is. Rune of Power and Invocation should be reworked. They should reflect a CD type spell and not a "need to keep it at 100% uptime spell".

-Molten Rune. Instant cast. Last 10 seconds. 2 minutes Cooldown. Place down a Molten Rune which empower the mage standing in it with fire power. When standing in the rune, the mage receives a Fire Empowerment every time a spell is completly casts, up to 3 stacks (instant cast spells and healing WE with frostbolt do not give any Fire Empowerment).
Empowerment. Takes effect when Burning Rune dissapear. Last until fully used. Increases the critical damage of the next spell which will critical hit by 30%.

-Permafrozen. Instant cast. 4 minutes CD. The mage enter a states of frozen power. For the next 10 seconds, every spell will automatically critical hit their target. During Permafrozen state, Critical Hit Rating is converted into increased damage to every spells (e.g. 10% crit = 10% increased damage). When Permafrozen ends, the mage suffers from frostbite effect, reducing critical hit chance by 100% for 10 seconds.
Here's one that might get me yelled at but I don't care. First remove the noisy and in the way elemental from frost.

Glyph of Elemental - Grants the use of an elemental. 3 min duration with a 5 min cool down. Fire - fire elemental, arcane - arcane elemental, frost - water elemental

Increase the damage by 10%. leave the Frost spells the way they are and give Fire the ability to cast Blast Wave with a stun and Arcane an Arcane Explosion with stun. Each with a 1 min cool down adjusted by casters haste rating.
Glyph of Volatile Pyro -

Removes the spreadable aspect of ignite and combustion, but causes Pryoblast! to explode when hitting the current target doing 50% of the initial damage to all enemies within 8 yards.
Glyph of unmeasurable power
Blizzard pays you $15 dollars a month to play their game!
Glyph of Eternal Water
Water Elemental's Water Bolt now can be cast on the mage for certain effects:

-Water Elemental's Water Bolt now extends the duration of Temporal Shield by 1 second when cast on the mage.
-While under the effect of Flameglow, Water Elemental's Water Bolt now provides Steam Ward when cast on the mage. Steam Ward: Absorb the next harmful ability (up to 50% of the mage's health). One charge. Last 30 seconds. Triggering Water Ward will put Flameglow passive effect on a 30 seconds cooldown.
-Water Elemental's Water Bolt now increase the damage absorption of Ice Barrier by XX while under its effect. Cannot be triggered while in combat.
Glyph of unmeasurable power
Blizzard pays you $15 dollars a month to play their game!

Glyph of Volatile Pyro -

Removes the spreadable aspect of ignite and combustion, but causes Pryoblast! to explode when hitting the current target doing 50% of the initial damage to all enemies within 8 yards.

This actually sounds like how the spell should function without a glyph....

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