Destro/burning embers halp?

Hey guys, I recently started getting into my lock more. Never played a caster, and am enjoying destro a lot, however, I feel like my burning ember management could be better. Main is a rogue, so in a weird way I "get" burning embers, but there's prob a lot of room for improvement. First, I've been using Icy Viens updated class guide as a guide for stat priorities, etc. (They have this notice, "reviewed and approved by Gahddo". I assume he's the warlock version of aldrianna).

My usual rotation is Curse, Dark Soul, Immo, Conflag, Incinerate x3....and theressss where I don't know whether to chaos bolt and use havoc if its up, or what. Below 20% I fumble with multi-target shadowburn target switching, but I'm getting better at it I think, though I usually find myself falling into a incinerate filler then sb when I have the embers. Mid game and end game I seem to be struggling to keep up burning embers.

I THINK efficient burning ember use is what makes or breaks a destro lock. On the other hand, I have only been playing this toon for a week and it's my first alt I'm delving into theorycraft with after 7 years, so any help/theory explanation would be great. Thx!

If anyone has something bad to say abt LeBron
If there is any adds in the fight, just make sure you shadowburn them. Also keep rain of fire up while chaos bolt spamming. I usually never go to 0 embers while dark soul is up if I can do this.

Oh, and I'm also using Mannoroth's fury so yeeeeah AoE ftw.

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