<Shroud> 25M Recruiting 10/13H

Bump for healer apps
Bump for resto druid apps!
Bump for killing Heroic Council and more healer apps!
Bump for more healers!
bump for heroic meg!
BUMP for more apps!
Hi Chichi=)
BUMP for Holy Pally or Resto Druid app!
bump for Heroic Primordius
Looking for more rogues to Tricks me. <3

Okay, not really. Bump for a resto druid!
Bump for boomkins and warlocks!
Bump for boomkin apps!
bump for Heroic Dark Animus!
LF mages. -.-

Also would love some healer apps (disc/holy priest, MW monk, resto druid wanted most) and hunters and locks.
Bump for 11/13H!

Still need some solid ranged and heal apps.

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