[H] Severity (1/14H) 25 and 10 man


Severity is a guild on Frostmourne, our aim is to progress through heroic content, but to enjoy the game for what it is at the same time. Our guild is raid focused, however we have a have a good percentage of casuals and socials in the guild as well which keeps it an enjoyable place to be outside of raid times.

While we enjoy and do take raiding seriously, we also can appreciate that it is a game, so ultimately we are trying to create a place where people can enjoy their experience in World of Warcraft while killing raids and getting some loot!


  • Wednesday: 8:00 – 11:00
  • Thursday: 8:00 - 11:00
  • Sunday: 7:00 – 11:00 (25 man only)
  • Monday: 8:00 - 11:00(10 man only)
  • Current Siege of Orgrimmar Progression = 1/14 Heroic


    We are looking for players that are minimum 510 ilvl, however, if you are an exceptional player, regardless if we are actively recruiting your class, we would be happy to consider you. Casual raiders are also welcome.



    2-3 Ranged DPS
    1 Exceptional Strength Melee

    Application Requirements:
    540 Ilvl minimum
    Close to legendary cape

    If you are not within this category but believe you are an exceptional player, feel free to place an application in anyway as we always consider people.


    Or for more information contact contact one of our officers in game, or via guild website.
  • Zero - zero#12929
  • Bethany - Raiynne#1442
  • Bump.
    Duffman bumping to the top of the threads!
    Warlock and Mistweaver, I choose you!!!
    im a warlock !!
    A sexy Horde 25s guild. Huzzah.
    A sexy Horde 25s guild. Huzzah.

    sexy elf !
    sexy elf !

    Yes I babe.
    I miss you cosma
    I miss you Bethany <3
    I'm just posting coz my avatar looks sick
    needs updating to include jikun and council. :>
    we stopped maintaining this thread ages ago >.>
    we stopped maintaining this thread ages ago >.>
    yeh but w/e. might as well. no real trouble
    Need shell? I'm xferin my priest + palidon alts to horde side to play with rl friends soonish.

    I main raids weekends so your raid slots don't conflict at all.
    5/13. Tortos dead.
    looking for ranged, heals and melee for our 10 man group
    looking for a Priest healer for our 10 man team

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