[A] "Last Try" 12/12(10N) US-NAGRAND

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Last Try is a SG-based guild raiding on +8GMT. We are a small group of dedicated raiders wanting to clear MoP content. Our raid is on fri and sat starting from 10pm to 2am. If you are looking for progression raid and is able to match our raid timings then look no further. Whisper Sherryjin for information. Thanks and have a nice day.

btag: Jin#1714

Currently recruitment:
2013: Geared Healer capable of joining the main roster immediately for ToT.
Hi, do you have space for a Ret Pally? Also, putting your btag would be better so people can chat :)
Are you still looking for a healer?

I've been looking for a guild with times like yours, I'll add you in game if so.

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