looking for an invite

I would like to try out this server. it sounds perfect for me. can someone send me a cross realm invite so i can test it out first please and thank you
Depending of the time frame you play, I could assist with that. I am usually on from 2330 to 0600 EST. If thats the time frame your on, then I could be of assistance, if not...someone who lives a normal life would be your best bet.

If you need me to assist ya, send me an in game mail and I will pass my BNet tag to ya.
Thanks so much. Ill make sure to hook you up with whatever I can as a thank you :)

I'm always on and ill make sure to send my info over.

Thanks again!!!
Ok bobcat. I sent it and me know if there is any problems

I'm kinda broke but I'm gonna try to get you vial of sands as a thank you. I have recipe but not the materials needed :(
was joining your guild worth the 10k
Payment not needed...Though, I am no Saytan...I am good. Doing what I deem as passing it forward.
So I I guess hats a no then? Anyone else want to help me out?
He probably did not receive your friend request? Bob isn't likely to leave anyone high and dry on purpose.
Oh ok thanks. Ill send another message

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