Cannibal's Story Time - Crystalsong Killings

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
The towering city of Dalaran hovered above, settled upon an enormous crater. I almost felt unsafe below it, feeling as though it'd fall at any second, but the magical city stayed put. The nearby Arcanists held their violet shield with ease as a powerful spell surrounded the only entrance to the city, a magical crystal hovering above the arcane energy. Surrounding the purple barrier was scattered corpses of Blue Dragonflight who, for years now, were attempting to infiltrate the awesome city of Dalaran.

I sat perched upon an ancient tower, one of Kal'dorei origin, directly below the massive rock. The ruins surrounding me were a wonderful sight, and I could only imagine the peaceful goings that occurred throughout the small town. The ancient stone cracked below my feet on the tower, and I realized just how old these structures really were.

I quickly glanced to my left, my right arm already gripping the hilt of my ax. I had noticed some movement near the soft, amber trees surrounding the ruins, but then again, this place was so heavily bathed in Arcane every minute of the day, it wouldn't surprise me if what I saw was just a random burst of energy. I released the grip of my ax and peered beyond the ruins to the south, scanning over the rich, violet soil, the bright white and soft purple colored trees and the serene Treants who forever wandered the lands. I turned my attention back up to the hovering city, and then back down to the center of the ruins.

My expected guest had not arrived yet. I had been paid good money to make sure this worm was driven into the ground. A good friend of mine, an Arcanist himself, was given the job of sending the rat to my position so I could ambush him. I wasn't given many details of my target, only that he'd be Sin'dorei and very skinny. I wasn't sure whether my friend's tactics were friendliness with a free portal, or strength with forced entry. Whatever he was doing, he needed to do it soon... Now that I think about it, I don't remember my friend being with me during the briefings either.

Just as my mind lingered elsewhere, there was another burst of arcane energy below me. My first thoughts was just another random explosion, but the burst occurred again and again until finally a skinny man wielding two blades, covered in dark armor and a cloak was thrown from thin air into the ground. He pushed himself up, shaking his head as the dizziness overtook him.

I reached for my ax, but kept quiet. I wanted to make sure this man knew what hit him, knew the face of his killer and knew what his last breath would feel like. When he finally stopped stumbling in circles, he peered around, trying to figure out where he was. He grabbed a knife and began running north towards the lake. I laid low, making sure he'd run past the tower I was on so I leap from above and finish him.

Once he was a good distance towards the lake, I used the nearby hill as a slide to get to the bottom. I rushed forward, ax in hand as my anger boiled up. I was looking forward to this kill, as well as the pay for it. Right as he reached the lake I bull rushed him, knocking his fragile body into the freezing lake. He flailed about before I grabbed his arm and yanked him ashore.

His hood still covered his face, even though it was completely soaked. He shivered as I searched his pockets with ease, too weakened from the blow and cold from the water to refuse. He mumbled out, "Y-you w-w-wouldn't k-kill me would y-you..?" I grunted once. The voice sounded familiar.. But of course I would. I found nothing in his pockets, raising my ax above my head and getting ready to bring it down on his skull. Just as I tensed up to drop the weapon on his head, he removed his hood... It was my dear friend, tasked with bringing the target to me. It seems he succeeded.

-Cannibal, the Barbarian of the Skies

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