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Hi folks,

My group has had a hard time with Megaera. We tried different approaches, like skipping blue, skipping green, killing one blue or just one green. These didn't work and healers weren't comfortable with the amount of dmg.

We ended up rotating like this: blue > red > green > red > blue > red > green.

We got to the last head but the floor had sooo much crap in it that it was hard for everyone to maneuver. On our best attempt, a healer died because he got 3 consecutive cinders and couldn't manage to stack for rampage.

Also, our dps isnt that great 78k-95k is the range, and it's weird because we do pull good numbers for other fights. I do 80k-90k which isn't great for my gear either.

Any suggestion on how can I improve my dps and the raid strategy?

Here is the log:

Our alt group just did it for the first time this week. Looks like we went GRGRBRB. We were having a lot of problems trying to do BRBRBRB like we would in our real raid on normal, mostly because the amount of ice was forcing healers out into Africa too frequently.
we tried R G R G but healers were saying it's too much to heal because of the aoe from G.
B is more comfortable for healers but I feel that having so much B is forcing everyone to stop doing what they are doing and run – similar thing what you said basically.
We tried all sorts of things during our first attempts of this boss. I was so frustrated I made a post here:

Essentially, we found that killing Blue too early added too much additional movement and if two healers had to move at the same time with Cinders or the ice beam, then someone (mostly a tank) would fall over.

We settled on GRGRGRG for our first kill, I believe, but since then we have been managing the encounter well with GRGRBRG. They tend to bloodlust to get that Red head down quickly, but I would recommend lust on the last rampage if at all possible for your group.
excellent thanks! forgot to look at the Raid/dungeon forum.

Thanks for the advice
Our alt run just did it last night. We choose to do it a different way than in our normal group. Because the healers are not as good in the alt run we chose:

Blue -> Red -> Green -> Blue -> Red -> Green -> Blue

The important thing is to have people maximize the debuffs you get. If you get the Fire debuff, run it over Frost patches (Holy Paladins with Purity are great, otherwise pop a CD on that person and have them run around), etc.
Our first (and subsequent) kills went G R G R B R G (last head doesn't really matter). We blow lust with 20% left on head 6 (Red) and it carries into the hardest rampage (the DPS miss out on a few seconds of lust while switching heads, but it's not really a DPS race and having that time to top people off for the last rampage really helped survive it).

The positioning advantages to this are that once you kill the blue head, the red and green are both up, giving lots of room to avoid the green AoE, blue breath, and dropped cinders (designate a "left" and "right" healer though to make sure the tanks will always have one in range if they have to move a bit). All the phases before it just have to worry about cinders and green AoE, and the final phase is pretty short (lust + remaining cooldowns means only about 20 seconds after rampage finishes).
Honestly it depends on your healing comp. It actually seems like you have a fairly decent comp for just killing green-red. This has the advantage of healers not ranging tanks to kite, but requires fairly high spread aoe healing towards the end, which your druid+monk should be able to handle while your priest takes care of tanks and tosses shields on low health players, giving time for the hots to tick up. Leaving green up the whole time is less raid damage, but requires more coordination. We have killed it both ways, and personally I like leaving blue up, but that is just my opinion.
The important thing is to have people maximize the debuffs you get. If you get the Fire debuff, run it over Frost patches (Holy Paladins with Purity are great, otherwise pop a CD on that person and have them run around), etc.
Haven't seen a clarification anywhere, but if you're affected by Cinders, do you take damage from both the dot and the ice patch you're erasing? Just the Cinders? Neither?

I've typically done B R G R G R G, but doing blue third should be fine, or a few extra blues. The ice beams should be doing zero damage, so if you have a lot of them it may work to have dps place their beams in parallel lines to the back, and healers take theirs in loops behind their tank. Healers can use defensive abilities if a breath comes, it'll hurt but still less damage than an acid bomb hitting the group. Just GTFO as fast as possible and don't eat another.
Agreed with respect to a group specific strat fight.

I know one guild that 4 heals it.

Another apparently includes blue in the rotation and have a lock portal set up so they fly through the portal if they are targeted by blue, so all the blue trails are stacked over each other.

Our group has very good dps, and we have a prot pally and a holy pally to neutralise tank debuffs, so we 3 heal rgrgrgr with me heavy atonement (I SS/PW:S/2xDS/PoM and PoH rampages but otherwise I'm full atonement). It's straightforward for us given we stay spread whenever Meg isn't rampaging to minimise all green AoE damage. (Although we did fid that it ws best if our melee only strafe a little to drop fire though, as running out was an unfavourable dps loss for them).

Annoying as the advice is, it is a fight your team will have to work through. Don't be discouraged if you can't succeed with someone else's strat. There's several approaches to try.
It is indeed very group and gear dependent. We 2-heal GRGRGRG, but our DPS is up to par. With worse DPS, I'd still say GRGRGRG is the "safest" bet, but instead use 3-4 healers. Blue messed us up since there would always be a healer running at any given time, but we haven't changed our strat since our first kill.
My raid finally downed Meg this week. We tried monday but it just wasn't working out. We had like 20 wipes Monday. We got back to Meg on Thursday and after 7 more wipes we decided to try a different kill order. Originally we were on grgrgrg and kept dying around the 5 and 6th rampages to enormous amounts of venom bolts. We tried to attempts not killing any green heads but that was still a little hectic. Finally on our kill we went grbrbrb and got it in one attempt at that rotation. Overall seemed much easier.
Thank you all for your input. We are going to try tonight again. It does seem like this fight depends a lot in the group composition.

We are going to try with g r g r b r g... because we agree that the mobility of blue cuts a dps or a healer, and we want to minimize the movement. We will also try to 4 heal it -- me being the 4th.

We do GRGRGRG. So we never kill blue. This fight or at least this strat, does seem to be a bit of a dps check. Typically we need the tanks to take no more than 2 stacks of breath per head. So, kill a head before the tanks take a 3rd breath.

We usually heal with a Disc Priest and Resto Druid combo with our 3rd healer being a Holy Pally. Typically, the Pally and Druid each heal a tank, and I cover the raid and dispels (until they need to dispel because the cooldown doesn't allow me to dispel fast enough).

I've found that the instinctive thing to do was to Spirit Shell the rampage, but not the best thing to do for our raid. With the holy pally and resto druid having strong short radius aoe, the raid cooldowns, and my divine star with atonement, there is more than enough healing during the rampage. Spirit Shell is really overkill and nothing more than a numbers padder. I use my Spirit Shell about 10 seconds AFTER the rampage, this mitigates the damage from the green aoe. I would also spam some PW:S on the raid as well.

The biggest problems we had was not the rampage damage, but the damage of later heads while killing the heads. People would be too low from multiple green aoes, get the cinders debuff and be killed, or vice versa. Using SS during this part of the fight along with some PW:S spamming, and regening during the rampage while others dealt with the rampage REALLY helped our group.
We do Meagara with 3 heals, I go Holy with our usual Disc priest and Resto Druid.

Our order is Green -> Red -> Blue -> Green -> Red -> Blue -> Green
We rotate our cooldowns with Disc Bubble 1st and 4th, my Holy Hymn 2nd and 5th and our Druid's Tranquility on 3rd and 6th. For the 6th transition we Lust to carry us into the last green head.

We usually have the Disc priest focusing on tanks with me focusing the far tank (Green, Red) after the 3rd and 6th transitions. I use my mana hymn + bender combo early (right after the second transition). We found the hardest non-rampage raid damage comes out after the 4th transition so I think our Druid saves his tree form cooldown for that. I'm not really sure when our disc uses his shells but I think he keeps them around for those rapid green AE bombs too.
Your use of Divine star is on point. Love seeing that. I would suggest you pass that idea to your disc priest as well :P

I believe the problem is stemming from a lack of raid CD usage. Your shaman did not use Ancestral guidance once. That is probably the largest healing CD in the game right now, and I highly recommend making use of it.

You also have 2 pallies and devo aura wasn't used at all. That alone will make healing significantly easier.

Smoke bomb as well.

Other than that, your disc priest may want to invest some more time into atonement spam while not in rampage. The quicker the heads die, the less damage the raid takes.

I dont recommend 4-healing this by any means. Stick with 2 healing and maybe try 3 healing it if the use of ALL of these unused CD's doesn't help.
healers weren't comfortable with the amount of dmg.

Adapt to survive.
^ Ignore the troll above.

As some others have said, your best bet is adding another healer to the group. Specifically one that can AOE heal well or mitigate the damage off Rampage.
Thanks for the positive feedbacks, very grateful for the amount of info and tips.

This dude, Megaera, is seriously getting on my nerves.
Our best attempt was 27%, we 3 heal it doing g-r-g-b-g-r-g. My main is shadow but since we missed our disc priest, I had to step up and heal. Funny enough, people seemed more contempt having me heal rather than the primary priest.

Our rotation seemed fine it's just a matter of tweaking where to drop stuff and avoid green bombs etc. I might recommend switching the blue head to 6, because that frost beam on a healer while having green bombs and cinder over us is very hard to keep up.
I think we will try the 4 heals, but I do agree that it's tricky because there will be less dps and more dmg from the boss.

By the way, I did notice that Spirit Shell isn't that "useful" during rampage. I used lots of PoM, Divine Star, Atonement and a few PoH and i was able to keep the raid up... if not then PowerInfuse and PoH. Someone said use Spirit Shell almost at the end of rampage to shield from green bombs, that's a good idea i'll try that.
Smoke bomb and Healing tide totem are great CD for rampage!1!! thanks all

Here is the log from last night:

thanks all! I'll keep you guys posted.
I think you are killing green too much. Green may not require as much movement as Red, depending on how spaced out you are, but it is a LOT of raid damage.

Did you guys try G - R - G - R - B - R - G? There will be more dispels, yes, but overall raid damage will be much lower allowing you to focus on the tanks. And the tanks won't get too pummeled since you will kill Blue at some point.

I would not recommend 4 heals unless your dps can still manage to kill the heads quickly enough so the tanks only get 3 stacks of their debuff.

Spirit Shell is useful before a Rampage (I cast it on the raid when the heads are at ~10-15%), and then on CD once the green head as died to mitigate the damage (if the SS CD doesn't coincide with Rampage).

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