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I've been away from Warcraft for a while and have recently come back.

So far, I am unable to access any pets/companions/mounts. I think I'm supposed to use Shift+P to access the "Pet Journal." Is this correct? If so, it is not working.

On one of my characters (Jenesua - Azuremyst) I have just acquired Withers, from doing the quest. I clicked on the item, in my inventory, and got the message that Withers was added to my Pet Journal.

But, I am unable to access this. Am I missing something? I have tried my older characters and have the same problem. I can mount, from the action bar, but can not find the interface panel where mounts would be listed. I'm assuming all of this is under the Pet Journal. Any help would be appreciated.
Look for the Horse head on your control bar, it links to the pets/mounts UI
That does work. Thank you Ravenhawke. Am I correct in that Shift+P should do the same thing though? That is the default binding listed in my keybinds. Maybe something changed and it isn't used anymore?
You should try resetting all of your keybinds. That should help if that is the issue.

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