Death Knight
I am a fairly new 90 DK who leveled as Frost until MOP ,then switched to Blood for questing and grinding Rep with the factions. I keep attempting to go back to Frost ,but I have trouble forcing my self to not gather up 8 mobs at a time if that is what I need for a daily ,its a hard habit to break.I have been making gear choices mostly based on Frost ,but reforging Blood . I don't run dungeons because I understand most people will not be too happy with me coming in as Blood.I have no experience as tank and am afraid I will cause problems for others if I try it at this level,since I don't know my way around and having a lost tank/leader would not be good.

So I guess I have 3 questions.Based on this info, how do I break my bad habits and get back to Frost ,which I loved until MOP ? Is it possible for me to run Heroics or something in Blood spec without tanking ? I have a choice of trinkets right now,Iron Belly Wok or Lao Chin's Liquid Courage ,to replace my Dragonling. Which should I choose.

Blood is awesome ,by the way. Soloing rares and Warscouts ,trying out BG's , I have been able to try things that my Pally can not do 30 Ilevels higher.
Ok,I will try going Frost in Blood presence . Maybe that is what I need to get me over the hump of re- learning my Frost rotation.

I will give it a try queuing as DPS .I guess all they can do is kick me if they are upset about Blood DPS. I'll just give it an extra second or 2 to make sure the tank has agro. I have my Army and Grip Glyphed already ,so I'm good to go there.

Thank you for the suggestions !!
I thought about it and decided the trinket can wait,since I still had a 440 cloak.So I chose the cloak.

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