510 Fire Mage LF 10m raid guild

I'm at 510 ilvl equipped and able to make all days for raid. Prefer a group starting around 7 server time and raids 3 times a week. At the moment, I'm 4/12 exp with kills on first 3 bosses and Magaera due to the mercy of Pugging, which sucks.

I can pull a lot of dps, I can make every raid, and I learn quickly in a progression sense. I am not interested in 25m so if your guild is looking to beef up to make the jump, no thank you. Lots of prior exp raiding in Heroics so looking to continue the trend.

I also do not have any relevant WoL with me over 500 ilvl but willing to do a trail run in MSV, HoF, or ToES. If you have any questions, please let me know and I'll try to get them answered as soon as I can.

Thank you and have a good day!
I wouldn't mind getting to chat with you, as it seems you're about the same place we are at presently.

For the short application process:


Our recruitment thread to see a bit of background of how we got here and what we're looking for:


I look forward to speaking with you soon.

p.s. I know our recruitment post lists two days a week, there's an optional Saturday on the books also, but I don't think we plan on pushing it until we're back to having our core 10 intact from the transfer.
Hey my friends and I recently rerolled here and formed this guild about a week ago. We were tired of either finding super hardcore guilds where we needed t play 40+ hours a week or the super casual where we ended up carrying the other half of the raid. So we are forming a 10 man semi-hardcore raid team and are in dire need of a mage. We all have extensive raid experience going back all the way to vanilla Naxx 40.

We plan on raiding Tues/Wed 8-11pm EST
And we plan on raiding no later then May 21st.

I expect most of us will be hitting 90 in the coming week and the gearing process will begin.

Any questions find me in game or add my battle tag Hbee#1301

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