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As a fellow Pet Battler, having pets like the Sunreaver Micro-Sentry sure does make for some interesting encounters! So I'm curious to know what you guys think, too. Have you tamed the Sunreaver Micro-Sentry yet? If you have, how does this little Mechanical pet fit into your teams and strategy?
I leveled mine up, but I don't PvPet at 25 so I only had experience while leveling with him through the queue.

It's always nice having a mechanical, especially with a move that can't miss. Plus he just looks awesome.
I used it to replace my Clockwork Gnome. It has a good offense with a good defensive ability. Unless it goes up against an elemental, its a strong force to fight against for your opponent.
I leveled him to 25 and he can be a REALLY hard hitter! He is especially useful against pets that like to put up defenses and have healing abilities (150% damage haywire usually puts down any pesky turtle with around 1k hit points).

One question about his abilities, though, is that for some reason "Haywire" is considered a beast type ability. Shouldn't it be mechanical?
Got one to 25. Absolutely love it. Not the best defense but Supercharge plus Haywire can decimate critters with easy up to rare its one shot. Even legendary gets almost one shot and it hits very hard for non critter types.

Fel immolate, lightning storm, armor plating, laser also allows for interesting combinations. I use lightning storm with my mechanical gnome at times.

It's very handy using it with the turrets.
Lightning storm highlights the problem with the mechanical passive (that you seem to be trying to correct).

The storm only causes good things to happen to those affected, meaning elementals take bonus damage, but deal no extra. In addition, the bonus mechanical damage basically negates elementals' resistance to mechanical.

I suppose its okay to have a pet theoreticaly weak to another type fight on equal footing, but this mechanical basically counters elemental pets, and therefore has no weaknesses.
It has amazing synergy with my main pvp team, his decently high attack makes him great storm setter. Even with the average health the extra plating still makes him very durable. Great pet overall. 0 complaints.
I have so many of these irritating little robots. If anyone wants one, trade you a panda or somesuch.

Also, have they fixed his display issue yet? Last time I checked his feet were all that showed.
I was given one as a gift from a guildmate. I like the pet's look and I think that it could be very useful, but it isn't level 25 yet so I'll have to see how it performs at the cap.
He makes a fairly decent Critterbuster.
He is a very solid pet. I usually use him for lightning storm and defensive skills. He works well as a tank into a team of multi hitters.

Not the strongest pet in it's category, laser ends up being a weak attack in meta often because a lot of people play mech, while almost no people use flying pets. But that'll change in time when flying pets will get their use.... one day.
lightning storm also pairs well with phoenix hatchling. it's not like a super tough team, pretty average. but its nice to have a pet that stands in the back and does damage + LS damage for 9 rounds.
I have one! Haven't leveled it up yet though, might do it soonish.

Edit: I was trying to post somewhere else and got randomly posted here. Oops >.<
Great way to remind us that its a fun way to earn valor points by killing some rares while also netting yourself an awesome pet. Not a bad challenge at all.
Fun pet. I'd previously disregarded it, but it seems pretty cool now that I've leveled it.

Thanks for the suggestion!
What sort of teams/situations are people find this pet goes well with? (or what NPC tamers does it counter well?)

I'm having a little trouble finding a situation where it feels useful. Haywire is a nice critter-buster, but there isn't really a shortage of heavy-hitting beast abilities and magic attacks are very rare on critters. And the way I see it, lightning storm wants to pair with something that gives mutliple hits per attack, armor plating wants to pair with some healing. So overall, it's an interesting combination of moves, but they don't seem to work well as a standalone pet.
eh... all i can say about it really.

allthough..... it is cool to summon it if you have the double size treats, it becomes taller than you.
Sunreaver Micro-Sentry: call lightning + fel immolate
disgusting oozeling: corrosion + acidic goo

Goes some thing this.
fel immolate ticks dealing its damage + corrosion's damage + call lighting's damage
acidic goo ticks dealing its damage + corrosion's damage + call lightning's damage
corrosion ticks dealing its damage + call lightning's damage

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