Is My Weapon The Problem?

Hello warlock community. I have a question not relating to green fire. I am having major dps issues. I don't have logs or damage meters to link, but I am noticing I fall considerably under the dps of the other warlocks I raid with or even do LFR with (if we are similarly geared). Specifically when I look at the average hits/crits of incinerate and chaos bolt the other warlock's spells are just sitting so much harder (20k+ or more on incinerate for example). The disparity adds up quick, and its getting very frustrating being benched and not being able to do a dang thing about it.

Two questions I have are: how much is my dps gimped by my current weapon (no sha gem, no enchant), as opposed to say a 502 raid finder weapon or even a 522 ToT weapon. Second with me being at 500 ilvl, should I consider it normal to be beat by 30-40k dps by locks at say the 515-520+ ilvl. Thanks for any insight.
Just to comment on your first paragraph, the reason your chaos bolts are hitting for less than the other warlocks is probably because you are doing them with no procs / cd's going. Doing CB during that time will increase your dps by a good portion.

To answer your questions:
1. Noting your weapon gemmed/enchanted is a pretty big dps loss. If you get Jade Spirit or even windsong you'll see an increase just because of the procs they give. The 502 ToT LFR weapons however will be a big dps upgrade, even if you had the sha touched gem in your current weapon.
2. Yes, a 15-20 ilvl difference can mean a big dps jump, but that not might be the only reason though. Certain fight mechanics (such as jin'rokh pool) can increase their dps as well.
You just need to time your CB better. Without Procs your dps will be bad.

Also, your reforge should be Mastery/Haste or Mastery/Crit. At your ilvl I would suggest Mastery/Haste considering ToT is alot AoE friendly and that you don't need crit to cap yourself with embers (well timed Shadowburn and some well timed AoE are enough to replace your crit).
You can at least put a windsong on your weapon. That's what I use on mine.

And weapons will always make a big difference in dps, but like folks have said, procs matter a lot and so does mastery. Switching over to a mastery build and lining my CB's up with my Wushoo's well made a huge difference for me.
Destruction in particular scales really well with Jade Spirit because you can time your CBs during it. Part of the issue is also your stat priority. In ToT especially, Crit takes a massive backseat to Haste and particularly to Mastery. Much of ToT is based around either multitarget cleaves (CB scales better with Mastery than Crit), Shadowburn cleaving (SB scales a lot better with Mastery than Crit), and Rain of Fire ember farming (RoF's Ember gen scales with haste, not at all with crit).

The better your Ember income, the better Mastery and the worse crit. CB and SB both scale considerably better with Mastery than with Crit. Crit's balancer is that it benefits the rest of your spells better than Mastery, and increases your Ember generation rate. As your Ember income goes up (usually through liberal use of RoF on multiple targets), the portion of your damage that comes from CB and SB increases relative to your other spells, and increasing the Ember generation rate of your filler spells (Incin, Conflag, Immo) becomes less of a DPS increase, as they are responsible for less and less of your total Embers generated (and you spend less time casting them, since you're spending more time using CB and SB).

Due to this, and the T15 set bonuses, Mastery takes a massive lead on Crit for stat weights. You'll see a fairly noticeable increase just by refocusing your gear and particularly your gems and reforges on Mastery then Haste, rather than Crit.

Lastly, a huge part of Destro DPS is how well you utilize your procs. If you don't have an addon tracking your procs (and ideally their ICDs, I use a custom TellMeWhen bar for it), you're not playing Destro to it's fullest. Ideally you should only ever cast CBs when your major Int procs are active, and also ideally you should hit 4 Embers with Dark Soul ready to go (but not off CD for long) right as one of your major Int trinket procs goes off. If done right, you can nearly double (or more) the damage of your Chaos Bolts.

In ToT, another rather major part of optimizing Destro is taking full advantage of cleaves and AoE opportunities. If both targets need to be DPSed, make sure you're using Havoc + CB every 15 seconds (regardless of procs), and make sure once one of the two is in execute range that you're using Havoc on the other + 3x SB every cooldown. If the other target does not need to be DPSed (and you're not interested in meter whoring), use Havoc on CD on it anyway, and just cast your Immolate, Conflag, and Incinerate as normal. The cleave will increase your Ember generation rate, and therefore your DPS even on the main target.

Lastly, watch for AoE packs or cleaves for Rain of Fire. RoF is more effective at generating Embers even on a single target, but the additional Ember generation isn't enough to offset the mana cost (you don't gain enough additional CBs to fill while waiting for mana). When it's hitting 2 targets or more, however, it suddenly becomes amazing. Really good opportunities for this include Horridon (on the adds, particularly grouped ones that aren't being moved between doors), Council (almost always 2-3 stacked up), Tortos (on the bats), Magaera (unless Red and Green are up at the same time, you can always RoF between Blue and the other head for lots of Embers), Primordius (blood adds) , Dark Animus (bots), Twin Consorts (when they are both active during Dusk, if tanked together), and Lei Shen (drop on boss during Sparks phase). Remember to anticipate the additional Ember income, though. Don't be really high on Embers when the AoE opportunity hits, and spam the crap out of CB or SB to avoid wasting Embers.

Destruction is one of those specs that looks pretty simple on the surface. It has no procs, limited spell complexity, and an easily understood secondary resource (and basically no primary resource concerns at all). It has a lot more depth than people give it credit for, however, and truly optimizing it takes a fair amount of skill and work.
Destruction is one of those specs that looks pretty simple on the surface. It has no procs, limited spell complexity, and an easily understood secondary resource (and basically no primary resource concerns at all). It has a lot more depth than people give it credit for, however, and truly optimizing it takes a fair amount of skill and work.

Good post, Daerius. There's definitely a lot more to destruction than meets the eye.
Daerius I'm just going to copy and paste that to warlocks asking about stat priority... I usually post the TL/DR version, but that's actually quite well thought out and in-depth.
Thanks for the posts guys. I will make the changes when I get the chance, work on the rotation, and continue to hope for a new weapon worth putting a Jade Spirit enchant on.
Hey Daerius, thats a really good post and has also got me thinking about how I time some stuff in arena for max burst in those precious few freecast windows that mean win or fail. And I really like how you share all that knowledge wihout talking down! +1
Can we move this up higher or sticky it so people can see it?
yea thanks daerius that helps alot the one ? i was having too is should we be using sup with what pet or GoSac? Ive been using GoSup with my imp and the demon training glyph that gives a him a quicker casting time. Thanks again!
I was always told the observer was better dps than the imp, but with the chain casting change is the imp better now? Or like Kronoz said, is it still better to use Sac than Sup?
Greetings fellow Warlocks, I could use some advice on this topic please. I recently swapped my stat priorities around based on getting my gear to having: Sinister Primal, rppm trink and 2p tier.

I am noticing in general that when I was focusing on crit, solo DPS (or me + 1 more player almost never any buffs) on fights like a Warbringer I was seeing 110-130k dps, after making the suggested change to Haste/Mastery over crit that although my dps seems somewhat more normalized I am nose diving in overall dps 95-105k dps on the same fights over about 20 million damage?

I Simcrafted my character before and after the change before it was 143k and afterwards it is now saying 145k.

I know I do not play my toon perfectly and sometimes miss the key times of when to use the embers but that part I get how and when to do it but I am thinking maybe how I was doing things with crit as a focus vs haste/mastery has changed and I am doing it wrong now?

The only thing aside from this I can think of is that perhaps with full raid buffs my dps will improve from hitting certain thresholds that I am not seeing solo but it feels weird to see a pretty consistent drop while solo dpsing.

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