[A]Ruined 2/12H LF H PALLY/R SHAM/Lock

Guild Recruitment
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<Ruined> of Proudmoore (US) is now recruiting!

Holy Paladin
Exceptional resto shaman


Mists of Pandaria Progression:
MV: 6/6H
HoF: 4/6H
Terrace: 4/4N
Throne: 2/12H

Raid Schedule:
Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday @ 6.30pm - 9:00pm PST/Server-Time.

Guild History:
Guild Created: 11-23-2004

<Ruined> has existed on Proudmoore for 8 long years now, and have only proven time and time again that they will not be going anywhere. A guild lasting this long only shows the amount of dedication, patience and determination we all have in what we do, but more importantly it shows how much we all get along with eachother in this guild. Laughter is the key to Success!

A guild that raided through Onyxia and killed it before anyone else, a guild that raided through MC, BWL, AQ20/40 in it's "progression" days. A guild that stayed strong through the MONTHS of wiping in SSC, Hyjal and SWP. And through the frustrations of Ulduar, where they had their best start ever, only to fall desperately short at the end. Ruined comes away from WoTLK with new goals, new dreams and a fresh start.

One of the many evil spells of Deathwing (making 10 mans > 25 mans), we are a "kinda serious but not really" 10 man progression guild. We won't force you to raid more hours for progression, we won't sit you one night because you had work the night before and didn't show, we won't gkick you for openly making fun of the GM's sister and/or mother. But progression is #1. The guild is happy when boss's are dying.

Recent Rankings:
Realm 10th Overall Tier 11 (Server #4 H Atramedes)
Realm 14th Overall Tier 12 (Server #5 H Shannox)
Realm 9th Overall Tier 13 (Server #2 Madness of Deathwing)

And we only look to improve in Mists of Pandaria.

Whisper Ryoukø or Ðemolition(Tribute#1398) in-game for more information. (Or if you are a NORMAL person, whisper someone WITHOUT a retarded symbol in their name)
Really need that H pally so we can do 3 heal heroics
I promise guild isn't me and my 10 alts
Man ret sucks in in wrath leveling
Seriously, wtb inquisition or avenging wrath or something
Still need that holy paladin
Sharded thunderforged durumu pants

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