mastery top off for tanking

At what point should I stop prioritizing mast over haste?

I am curently with might 22.2% mast, my haste is at 4.3%

I chose mast over haste because it is less spikey, but I am wondering if i should keep going for mastery, or start leaning twards haste at some point
What makes you think mastery is less spiky?

And there's no currently-obtainable point, outside of personal latency/playstyle issues. The first haste soft cap is at 50% melee haste, and I don't know of any theorycrafting done to compare them at that threshold.

EDIT: Actually I read your question backwards. I haven't heard of any point period where mastery loses value.
I tried haste specking 1st, and then tried out mastery. In my personal experiance and playstyle it seams less spikey with mast, even tho i was using enogh pvp peices for the holy power generation upon taking damage, (witch was awsome btw and wish that was on a pve set!)

I am also kind of wondering if maybe one or the other is beter at a certain it lvl. I planed on going back to haste once i hit 510, and experiment with that.

thx for your reply, you always have somthing positive to say!!

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