Cross-Realm Challenge Mode Finder #15!!

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Alliance Surv Hunter.
ilvl 527 | 3/13H ToT.
1/9 Gold CM (LF all except ToJS).
Have flasks, pots, 18s invis pots, 300 food (have watched videos etc).
On almost every day after 2pm EST.

Btag: Shotz020#1956
LF any gold run.
Blood tank or frost dps.
Have flasks, pots, and food.

battletag: jwilso5290#1990
Horde : Holy paladin
14/16H & currently 4/13H

No experience whatsoever in any challenge modes, but follow instructions wisely.
Week-ends Preferably after 8EST (Friday Saturday)

Would like all gold challenge modes

Have flasks,pots and food
Battletag : kiki#1252
Class/Spec: MAGE FROST
Times when you're available All Day almost everyday except mon-thurs
Which instances / Medals you're looking for Everything silver+
Experience in Challenge Modes / other creditable things 1/13h In raiding 0 XP in Cm's know class very well and have all consumables (i run greater invis so no invis pots)
Your Battletag H3llrazer#1952
Alliance Restoration/elemental shaman LF challange modes. 1/12 heroic

Realid: Graztoked1747

Avalible weekends, and friday
Horde Fdk lf all ch mode gold.

i have invis pots/ flask / and food

Avalible weekends (all night) and weekdays 3-12pm pst
HORDE Paladin Tank or Ret
5/9 Gold
Need Gate, SM, SPM, MSP
Have flasks, pots, and food available now and all night im willing to go 6 hours straight to get these!!
Looking for ppl who have some experience in CMs not ppl who are brand new sorry but im not dealing with people who wipe 3 times and then they leave sorry not doing that anymore looking for a group who WANTS to get 9/9 gold!!
Battletag: Kuthalter#1360
hit me up online now!
[Alliance] LF Experienced Prot Warrior, Blood DK, or Prot Paladin for CMs tonight at 6pm PST. We are 5/9 Gold so far. Plan to start with Scholomance and if time permits, Shado-Pan. We use Skype.

Battletag: Nick#1522
Horde Elemental Shaman
-Experienced raider
- 1/9 Gold
-Great awareness
-Available every day
-LF ALL Gold Challenge mode groups except Mogushan Palace

LFM GotSS Gold run need 2 dps pst! Must have Exp in CMs

Alliance krixus#1993
Horde mage
Available all day
know all CMs

add Vulseron#1406
Frost Mage
4/9 Gold atm
Have Flasks/DPS Potion's/Invis Potion's/Speed Potion's
Highly active!
Anytime is good.
I need Temple , Scarlet Halls , Shadow-Pan Gold.
Im 6/9 Gold , 16/16 hm 11/13 hm
LF Blood DK and Demo Lock for Fresh run of 9/9 golds starting with SH,GSS, and SM tonight! Add Snugglepuff#1508
Horde Side
Bring Consumables
Led by 2x 9/9 Gold Runner on his Elemental Shaman (other toon was a Boomkin)
Horde Elemental Shaman
Off spec: Restoration 4pc t15
Availability: Sat evening, Sun, Mon
Looking for 9/9 Gold
Experience in Challenge Modes / other creditable things: Tons of dungeon experience with 2 other 90s and a couple 85+. Hero of the Horde x2 as Restoration. 5/12H ToT. Multiple top 10 T14 ele parses. DMC + LotC. Provide my own pots/300 food/flasks.
Your Battletag: Sweeps#1521

9/9 exp shadow/disc LF


or all on my prot warrior


available now!!
Resto Druid
4/9 Silver (SM)(Scholo)(Siege)(SSB Have Balance offspec for Last Boss)
2/9 Gold (Jade Serpent)(Scarlet Halls)
Watched video strats to all gold runs
Have Flasks / Invis Pots ready for use.

Have Tonight off, Also have 28th, and 30th off
Online Now!

Alliance: Holy Paladin / Disc Priest
Available Wednesday / Friday / Saturday
4 gold 2 silver Priest (SSB, TJS, SNT, GSS)
1 gold Paladin (TJS)
Learn fast, patient if the group wasn't baked in the fail oven. Looking mostly for the CM's I don't already have but willing to do any/all of them in a regular group.


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