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Ele Shaman Currently 8/9 gold, looking for Brewery run to complete.

LF1M CM Tank SPM 9/9 gold leader

LF1M dps for 9/9 gold CMs.

Looking for players with 9/9 gold experience ideally. Would prefer a ranged dps with a bloodlust (elemental shaman, mage).

Group comp as of now

Fury/arms warrior
Bm/surv hunter
Resto druid
Brewmaster Monk

Have completed 9/9 gold challenge modes on this character and the three others listed below.

Below are the toons my hunter friend completed 9/9 gold on.

My warrior - 521 arms/fury

hunter - 490 bm/surv

Resto druid - 526

Brewmaster monk - 524

Make sure to have flasks, 300 stat food, and invis/stat pots. Send me a friend request with your class specific details (class, spec, item level, experience, whether or not you have consumables, etc)

Need exp tank for ToJS and MSP Gold CMs

have 3 players with 9/9 gold xp in the group

Destro, but really any spec lock.
Starting May 12 will be available anytime save wens and thurs 7-11 central, and sun 9-11 central.
have completed Mogushan, Gate, scarlet halls, and monistary
looking for all others.
I come prepared, and I am an extreamly skilled lock.

add me Splinter#1242
Prot Pally
Add me in game and we'll find some time that works for us
My only exp so far in CMs are a single trade pug for MSV, but I learn fast and I'm not bad.

I will come with all needed consumables, 300 food, etc.
507 iLvl Survival Hunter


Available everyday 9am-4pm EST and weekends
Have all consumables; invis pots, 300 food and flasks.
Looking for a group to clear all challenge modes
No exp so far. But ofc have watched and read guides

btag: Lotus#1307
LF Tank for Scholo and or Scarlet halls . If tank needs another CM, my guildies are fine with helping him out. Bobby#1801
Warlock LF challenge modes, Armoury Cupcakesqt @ Caelestrasz.
9/9 Challenge mode exp on shaman Akira @ Caelestrasz.

Add Akira#1988.
Available majority of days

Currently 7/13HM in TOT and 16/16HM in tier 14.

Looking for a 9/9 alt group to get golds on my 3rd character, my ele shaman.

Completed 9/9 on my resto druid about 5-6 months ago.
Looking to join a group of alts that have already done 9/9 golds on other characters.

Link to my druid with 9/9

Link to Paladin with 9/9

Currently 1/9 gold on my ELE shaman

Online now ready to go.

Starting Gold Group

LF skilled players to do 9/9 Gold Challenges

Must be skilled and come prepared, flasks, food, invis potions and MUST know all strats. If not you will be replaced :)

Group runs will be wednesday 8pm PST

Contact: Hamm#1119


Link to DK with 9/9 xp

Destro/demo warlock or arms warrior. Warlock is 6/9 in need of Brewery, Temple, Gate and Scholo. Warrior needs all of them still. I have skype/vent/mumble/teamspeak, all consumables needed. Online all day, unavailable 8-11 EST tues/wed/thurs, otherwise available from 12 pm to 12 am every day.

Also HORDE rogue, 7/9 gold in need of Scholomance and Brewery. Mutilate, have all consumables.

Demo Lock
No experience with CM but my main is 522 3/13 H ToT. Just killed H Horr last night Have watched vids and have consumables. Very eager to get these done.
Available weekends as I raid T-Th
Add me on bnet. Axien#1289

Prot Paladin LF silver / gold running group.

Have skype/vent and working mic

BT: Chrones#1616
R Druid
7/9 gold LF SSB and SPM.
12/16 H pre nerf
9/9 Gold warrior LF 9/9 Gold runs on Destro lock. 490 IL but know what I'm doing :) have pots and flask and ready to go.

Battletag = Bloodshred#1916

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