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alliance hunter lf cm runs, have consumables

Kattniiss#1667 available now or most nights/afternoons
9/9 main LF gold SH and Gate on my warlock- Kruox (7/9)
add me Cata#1568
Frost Mage
4/9 Gold
Have Flasks/DPS Potion's/Invis Potion's/Speed Potion's
Highly active!
Horde Mage
Available now
know all CM's

add Vulseron#1406
Anytime is good.
I need Temple , Scarlet Halls , Shadow-Pan Gold.
Im 6/9 Gold , 16/16 hm 11/13 hm
04/27/2013 07:08 PMPosted by Kanrethad
Someone should make a group for Horde already LOL. There seems to be so much interest, so someone do it already!

You have no idea how long i've been looking for a group just to finish these three so I can have my first char have 9/9. -_-

IKR x_x
9/9 gold exp disc & ele shaman looking for SSB/SM/Jade Serpent/Siege

my mage:

Don't invite me if you can't bring me and my ele shaman friend too.

"Just posting for a friend here.. ilvl 524 FROST / UNHOLY DK does amazing dps (200k at least) very good player is looking to get all gold he is knowledgeable of all the runs, I am just vouching for him as a multi 9/9 player, he can definitely contribute immensely to these runs. He has all his consumables and is ready to go. I'm serious give this guy the chance and he will top your dps for e very single pull in the run :) i am doing him a favor writing this, trying to surprise him since he has had trouble finding a group on our low pop server.

His armory:

He has multiple WoL sub rank 30's
Very attentive and just overall a good guy. Will be a great asset to your team.


qutoe from my friend reforge/bubbleforge
My pally:
Holy paladin
No exp in challenge modes but have watched videos
Will come prepared
Someone should make a group for Horde already LOL. There seems to be so much interest, so someone do it already!

Psyops lets make one, add bobby#1801 for horde. Running right now , need tank and healer g2g
SV Hunter

4/9 Gold. LF ANY Challenge Mode Gold Runs
I'd like to bring another very good DPS, Enh Shaman

Available tonight.
Add my BTag, CaptainSolo#1263
Shadow priest
need all 9 golds
have consumables,flasks,pots, etc..


9/9 x 6 exp
(Brewmaster Monk, Blood dk, Disc priest, Survival hunter, Resto shaman and Prot paladin)

LF more CMs on my Prot Warrior

4/9 Gold (SH, Siege, Shado-pan and Scholo)

Fully stocked on consumables/flasks/food/etc.
Knowledge of many strats having completed CMs numerous times.
Looking to run with people who have gold experience already, or are running on 9/9 alts.

B-tag = Thunderhowl#1277 (Leave a note it's for CMs)

Warrior is 9/9 now. Thanks to everyone that helped ^^
7/9 Lock looking to finish gold cmodes I need SH and GoSS, 9/9 gold main

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