[RP] Try It

Emerald Dream
The human paladin, locked in battle with two of Silvermoon's guardsmen, created a huge ruckus among the Blood Elf social gathering being held outside the city gates. She struck down the guards easily, as the crowd looked on in awe and fear.

A huge ice shard struck the paladin. Another ice shard followed. A freezing mist coalesced around the paladin's shins, up to her thighs, then froze over moments later. She could feel her bones freezing in place.

Risoki blinked into her sword's swinging range and gave her shins a quick kick, snapping her bones in half. The paladin screamed in agony, dropping her sword to the ground. The troll proceeded to channel more of the freezing mist over her body, then with a snap of a finger, the mist froze in place.

The paladin's eyes had developed a submissive look as she met eyes with the troll under his hood, grunting and squealing in pain. She knew what would happen next. Risoki then took his staff and lightly tapped the places where he had froze over. The elbows, the wrists and the shoulders had all shattered and snapped, breaking the bones causing the human unbearable pain. The paladin collapsed in shock, moments later, breathing had ceased.

Looking down at the mangled and frozen corpse. Risoki began to scan the body for a suitable trophy. A hand will do.

"What are you going to do with that?" A voice behind the troll asked innocently.

"Gonna eat it." Risoki looked over his head, grinning.

"Are you? I had heard trolls eat flesh of sentient beings. Is this still true?" Again, asked the voice.

"Oh yea. It true. You eva' try human meat? Try it." Risoki tossed the other hand over his shoulder at the elf's feet.

The elf was shocked and appaled, "You have to be kidding. Is this a joke?"

"Nope. Eat up elfie. Try it!"

The elf picked up the hand and dangled it in front of his face, trying to keep his face a moderate distance as it swung back and forth. "If I try this, what do I get out of it?"

"You get ta experience fine dinin'!" Risoki maintained his huge grin.


"Humans have magical stuff in dere blood. You gainin' some good powers after eatin' dem. Just look at me!" The troll could barely contain his laughter.

The elf grabbed the hand with both of his own, holding a finger to his mouth. Risoki looked over his shoulder to see if he'd follow through.

"HAH!" Risoki burst into laughter, startling the elf as it took a huge chomp out of the index finger. "HAH. YOU ACTUALLY DID IT!"

The elf looked over to Risoki, tears in his eyes, gagging on the blood gushing out of his mouth, "THIS IS AWFUL!"

Risoki walked over to the agonized elf and gave him a solid pat on the back, inducing more gagging. "You got balls kid. I give ya dat."


((Based on a true story after defending SMC from a lone paladin. Kinda shocked me in a hilarious way, wanted to write about it.

P.S. I salute you, brave, random elf for at least trying human flesh.))
Revenge is a dish best served cold. Apparently human is too.
((mmmmm yummy bits.))

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