VP Trinkets Question

I'm sorry if this has already been answered but I searched and only found a couple older posts.

As a disc priest which of the trinkets is better the mana return or haste on proc one? I was leaning to the mana return one but I had remembered reading that with use of offensive penance and Solace on CD maybe the haste one pulls ahead.

My other trinket is normal spirits until I can get either LFR or Normal Horridon's.

Any advice from much more experienced and knowledgeable priests?
Guessing this is PvE
My apologies...yes this is for PvE.
Guessing this is PvE

Obviously so because the title of the thread was for VP trinkets, not CP trinkets...
04/27/2013 10:07 AMPosted by Jüdaspriest
Guessing this is PvE

Obviously so because the title of the thread was for VP trinkets, not CP trinkets...

You must not keep up with PvP much.
Well that escalated quickly.
Well that escalated quickly.

And the OPs question still remains unanswered. (Not to flame, but I suppose I should not have replied to an ignorant reply on the PvP meta-game).
Don't use Horridon's trinket. From people who've used it, the up time even post buff isn't that amazing. I'd grab the mana return as that's 10% of your mana every 3 minutes. Then shoot for the Lei Shen trinket. But that's just me. ^^
Soothing Talisman unless the mana regen will go to waste.
My H.Horridon trinket is a beast. Averaging about 90-130k depending on the fight.

The VP trinket is also my other trinket. If used correctly I obtain 80-110k ISH Mana on most of the heroic encounters I've faced.

The Horridon trinket is probably the best regen trinket right now, if anyone says otherwise, they're wrong. Both of these trinkets and a little bit of mana management enable me to run at 10.5k spirit. Which opens up opportunities for throughput stats.
I love the horridon trinket. I don't know who doesn't like it. It has a great uptime, and it stacks. I don't know why someone wouldn't use it.

I'm not impressed with the use effect of an extra 3-minute mana pot aka VP trinket. Maybe it's just me. I like the spread out mana return rather than a bunch at once.

On-proc haste has always been bad for healing imo. It's unpredicatable and can proc when you don't need it to. Maybe if you are strictly an Atonement spammer it might be nice, but we weren't meant to be atonement spammers so the nerf is on the way. Other than atonement and Prayer of Healing haste doesn't really effect most our spells on a significant level anyways.

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