Completely neutral Pandaren?

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I know that Pandaren that come specifically from Pandaria are neutral to both factions and care nothing for getting involved with petty squabbling but I'm curious. Can Pandaren that hail from The Wandering Isle be neutral as well, seeing as -- in gameplay terms at least -- they have to choose a side before leaving? I wouldn't think that the spirit of your former teacher would force the decision of "choose one or the other or no leaving for you" onto his students so it begs the question of "can a WI Pandaren leave and not have to pick and choose sides, roleplay-wise?"

The only reason I ask is because I want to have my Mage, who was born and raised on TWI, be a travelling storyteller of sorts that uses personal accounts (from others and herself) to tell said stories from anyone she meets in her adventures/travels (which would get somewhat stale after awhile if only taken from one faction). I wouldn't see her interactions with both factions all that lore-breaking since different Pandaren do it all the time but I do also know that there are the handful of people that get sticks up the !@#$ with this sort of thing.

((I more plan to just write little drabbles and stories rather than roleplay her in a community anyways, but keeping true to lore doesn't hurt.))
Well, no. But there's a way around it all: two characters, with same looks, preferably the same class, and only a slightly altered name. BOOM. Easy access to both sides, like a boss!

Hope this helped!
I'm a bit of a lore-!@#$, though not the most rigid.

It is possible that a Pandaren from the WI could go neutral, however, where would they go once they left? They go into a world they have no clue about, with danger and unfriedliness.

Where will the go? What's to stop someone at the Darkmoon island from turning your toon into Pandaren Pie?

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