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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
What is roleplaying exactly?
It's kinda like playing pretend with a little more thought to it.
Essentially, it is acting.
You act how your character would. You know what your character would.
So my Troll is great with Trollish history and culture, but don't ask him anything about Gnomes because all he knows about them is that they are small and can be violent.

Edit: It is method acting! You just act in-character, rather than how YOU would act.
I found this with the search feature, handy little tool that it is!
Hi Jinok!

There's also a forum post as well with information from my site, RP Made Simple, which Sydric found.

Here it be:

Covers a good deal of RP material, with some additions to come. If you all want the thread cross-posted here, let me know. :)

Here's the intro regarding role-playing:

An Introduction to Role-Playing
Role-Playing is about assuming a role of a character in a role-playing game, being someone else for a period of time using improvisation (unscripted) acting and dialogue. It’s a form of escapism, creativity and fun - starting for most us as kids in the back yard using our imagination.

Storytelling (and telling the character's story) is heavily connected with role-playing. Telling your character’s story through adventures and story arcs while playing your RPG of choice. Similar to books, movies and tv series. So, the basic idea is a simple one – having fun by creating a “role” and “living out” a story as a character of your design. Much of this is done via impromptu acting.

Why do it? For many people, it’s their version of hobbies like football, hunting, or racing – it’s something that is fun.

Hope this helps!


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