Looking for a few good men...or women

Aerie Peak
The Storm Legion is new to Aerie Peak and is recruiting to fill out our 10 man raid team. We’re comprised of members that have varying levels of raiding experience from Vanilla through MOP. A few of our core members are currently leveling up new toons on AP and our goal is to start raiding on Tuesday May 7. We’ll be raiding one night per week (Tuesday) from 6 pm to 10 pm server time. Raid nights will expand to Monday, Tuesday, and possibly Wednesday beginning in July.

Current Needs:
• Paly, DK, or Warrior Tank
• Shaman, Monk, Druid, or Priest Healer
• All Melee DPS

A few other things:
• We are strictly an adult guild. Please be over the age of 18.
• If you bring drama to the guild, you will be kicked. Period. We’re not TNT…We don’t do drama.
• Be prepared to have fun and remember that this is just a game. RL should always be more important than WOW. We all have families and busy work schedules, but we expect that our raiders will commit to 100% attendance on raid nights.

Questions? Hit me up in game or post in our forums at StormLegionAP.guildportal.com.

Apply in-game or on our website: StormLegionAP.guildportal.com
All spots have been filled.

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