Green Achieved-ilvl 477 PvP gear, no gem/ench

Got it done, son (on my other Warlock (Malebranche - Scarlet Crusade).

Damage was so low that the hardest park was beating the second Curse of Ultimate Doom duration after using Purification Potion to cleanse at the end of the first. Carefully spam that fel fire breath and charge for extra damage.

Overachieve! A Warlock's reach extends beyond his imagination!

EDIT: He's obviously no longer in the exact gear/talents that I used. At this point, it's not a big deal. Just adding to the sea of voices that say it can be done, and is (mostly) a skill check.
1. post in green fire thread
3. dont report anything, i might get in trouble :)
and 4. Have fun!!!

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