Weekend stuff!

Hey all, for the next couple weeks I'll try to form weekend pug groups of 5.1 content to help gear the realm up. Also, I'll be doing old raid rare mount runs as well for people that want to earn some serious gold or buy the mount at a cheaper price than the bmah might charge.


Noon: MSV then HOF then TOES then TOT then all the world bosses starting with Oondasta, Nalak, Galleon, Sha

I will start each raid as a 25 man raid group. If there is not enough damage or people do not have the mechanics worked out I'll take the 10 best and switch it to a 10 man cause wiping 10+ times on a boss is not as pleasant of an experience as to getting some loot. If we wiped over 10 times on the same boss unless of course each attempt is progressing to some extent then I'll call the raid and move on to the next raid. MS > OS is loot rules and open roll if any patterns/world boes/mounts drop.


Rare Mount run!

Noon: Ulduar 25 (mims head), ICC 25 H (invincible), FL H (alysrazor & rag mount), DS (ultraxion and dw mount).......ALL RARE MOUNTS will be GDKP so bring your gold if you are wealthy. If you are broke come along too cause I am sure if one of these mounts drop you will be getting a nice chunk of gold. Also getting some sweet xmog doesn't hurt either! No loot is reserved but loot is open roll but be fair to the tanks dps healers that came in that role cause say for instance a tank shield drops I prefer the tank in the raid to get first dibs if you know what I mean.

If I do not receive enough players to join half hour past time times I posted the raid will disband because I will not go longer than a half hour to find a raid group.

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