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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Hi there,
I'm currently looking to move a toon of mine over to an oceanic server for raiding. I am currently on a pretty low end US server, and haven't been able to get into much progression raiding other than the occasional PUG because of the time differences. I consider myself a talented player who learns and adapts very quickly and is able to master any class or role in just weeks. I am willing to do a server and faction change in order to raid, and am available all nights during the week, though weekends (incl. friday night often) could be problematic due to other commitments.
I have the following classes at level 90 (Bold indicates roles or classes I am most likely to want to play on, followed by italics):
*Druid (Feral / Guardian - with previous raiding experience as Resto)
*Rogue (Assassination - this has been my main for 6 years and I consider it my strongest class)
*Shaman (Elemental / Resto - Strong with elemental, haven't had experience raiding with resto but I can usually pull pretty decent heals for the duration of a fight in only ele gear)
*Monk (Brewmaster / Windwalker)
*DK (Blood, unavailable)
*Hunter (Survival)

I've mostly been raiding as a tank so far this expansion though I am trying to move away from this, preferably as a DPS though I may be able to be convinced to heal. As it currently stands I would most happily take my feral druid across though I could be convinced otherwise depending on offers. Looking forward to hearing from any and all.
Bumping instead of an edit too - Preferred 10 man group (both because I prefer to get to know people I am raiding with and because in periods of high action it reduces any strain on the computer) though I am still willing to do 25 man raiding too.
Hey man we have a spot for a druid tank or hunter just message me on Dante94#6781 and we wuill chat :) thanks dude
For future reference it would be handy if I could grab any info about raid times (in aest if possible) progression and anything else that might be important. Cheers.
Hi Zull,

Our guild is looking for a talented DPS to join our 10 man raid team, while I know it's not one of your more preferred toons, your hunter would be valued.

Here is our forum thread:, if you like what you see, please make an app to or you can contact me through real ID: Blitz#1769

Thanks mate :)
Heya Zul,

<Conclave> NCC team are looking to add active & reliable raiders to our roster. Currently 2/12 ToT Raid times Wed/Thurs/Sun 8-11pm. Would be very interested in talking to you regarding your druid &/or Monk. For more info & to apply visit or if you would prefer you can chat to me in game on either Addisyn or Dysturbed.

Thanks all for the offers, unfortunately due to the times and class recruitment I wasn't able or was a little reluctant to fill some of the slots posted. Currently got into the slot I wished to fill, sorry for the inconvenience and to keep anyone hanging on a reply. Good luck with your recruitment and I hope you can all get the progression you're looking for.

We're Zealotry on Aman'Thul, we've been doing pretty well lately with steady progression and the establishment of a great team atmosphere. We're currently looking for a skilled healer to finish our our roster as I have had to remove our priest due to some issues.

Would also consider a super cool and fun
    Death Knight or Paladin Tank. But please, we aren't joking. Must be S.C.a.F =)

Some quick facts.
  • We raid 6 to 8 hours a week. two days a week Wed and Thurs 7 - 10 GMT+10
  • Its still a hardcore environment. We expect players to: min/max two raiding professions, pot, pre pot, thoerycraft, simcraft, ptr test, discuss group composition and strategy, analyse WoL and know BiS
  • Progression focused Loot Council
  • Require 95% attendance
  • There is over 30 years of wow experience between the players, no noobs!
  • Multiple Tier three players from WotLK returning to pump content
  • We are organised and efficient
  • We set EXTREMELY high standards
  • Weekly RBG's, Challenge Modes on Saturdays
  • The 80's are alive and well with social (semi drunk) twink runs on friday nights to unwind!

  • Our current core roster is compromised of:
    TANK Guardian Tank - Barkybarky
    TANK Prot Warrior - Brootality
    MDPS Unholy Death Knight - Draconis
    MDPS Combat/Sub Rogue - Coldbane
    RDPS Survival/BM Hunter - Felthunn
    RDPS Demonology/Affliction Warlock - Malthadros
    RDPS Frost/Fire Mage's - Clerodas & Adennah
    RDPS Elemental/Enhance Shaman - Warstorms
    HEALER Holy/Disc Priest - Sandelf (<--- you go here, and be known as; "THE NEW SANDELF")
    HEALER Resto Druid - Imalobster
    HEALER Holy Paladin - Zimia

    If you are looking for a stable raid environment, more responsibility in your WoW life, a challenge and friends to share success with add me and have a chat is my real i.d

    Our website
    Our wow progress
    Our logs
    Our youtube

    We aren't looking for 20+ hours a week in raids grinding out attempts. We want to stress the quality of each and every attempt. I think everyone can identify with that. We have lives, children, wives, university and school commitments, we can't afford to spend time with lower tier players or players with god complexes/players who cause drama. We are looking for team members to become friends.

    So drop us a line. We're not shy.p us a line. We're not shy.

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