New Holy Paladin On Alliance LF RAID GUILD

Hello everyone my name is Caleb aka holyshockwha. I am a long time player since vanilla and a raider since BWL!!! In Buring Crusade i raided a one and ended the expansion on muru. I Have cleared all the content in progression in wrath except LK. In Cata is when my military career started and i played Semi hardcore for about half the expansion and Panderia i just started. I know my gear lacks but i have been getting as much gear and exp as i can from LFR and pugs.

What im looking for.

A Guild thats going to push progression, one that i can hop on league of legands with some of the other raiders and have a good time after raid.

What am i good at.

I know my class i have raided as the same spec and have been doing research on holy paladins since Gruuls and MAGGS!

I will be ontime and ready to raid every night!

What you get from me

A friendly young adult that can do his job but knows how to joke around and blow some steam in bgs or play a MOBA after raid.

I already transfered alliance so msg me in game or leave a post about your guild. Thanks!!!!
Hey Caleb, would love to chat if you are still looking for a guild.


Cheers Buddy :)

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