[A] <Call of Blood> - new PvP guild

Call of Blood is a newly created PvP guild on Frostmourne-Alliance.

We will be focusing primarily on PvP - Arenas, rated BGs, some World PvP and the like. In the future we will do some raiding too, but the focus will stay on PvP.

The idea of the guild is to have a friendly and mature community for players who enjoy PvP, keeping relaxed atmosphere and light requirements - you are free to choose what you want to do, but doing it with a serious attitude. As such, we are recruiting players over characters - what matters is your skills and your attitude, not your gear. Right now recruitment is open for all levels and classes.

Guild will provide tips and advices for PvPers, pool of players looking to do arenas and form arena teams, and in near future 1 or more RBG teams.

In short about me:

I am returning player to WoW, who has played since the start of the game. I have played almost every class to high levels, was guild and raid leader in a progress guild for over 2 years, raiding as main tank and healer, and doing arenas and BGs since the day they came out - was a gladiator in season 3 (as a disc priest), and playing at 2.4k+ ratings later on when I became more casual. Wherever you are beginner in PvP or experienced player, Id be happy to give advices or help out with your class.

Anyone interested in joining the guild, please send a whisper to Nahira or leave a message here.

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