Flameglow vs Frost Barrier in 2s (w/ Spriest)

Like the title says I am likely to be doing 2s with either a Rogue or (more likely) a Shadow Priest for fun. I was wondering if Flameglow or Ice Barrier would be a more effective choice. I have found with glyph of armors that Molten Armor + Flameglow works wonders vs Rogues and Monks and even Hunters, but that Ice Barrier can be clutch in stopping burst damage.

Not sure which one to use. Will the healing of my Shadow Priest be enough to make Flameglow worth it with the damage reduction? Will I be getting hit often enough with such a high CC team to really make Flameglow shine?

If anyone could give me some advice from their personal experience with the two talents I would appreciate it.

Thank you!

Flameglow is only really good when you have a dedicated healer.

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