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Hey guys i know this is prob not the right place to be talking about another game but since i thought most world of warcraft players have at one time played D&D i thought i could get some helpful hints on how to make a fighter in D&D 3.5e

First off ill be starting off at level 5. Prob going to go human for the extra feat.
so far in the group we have a

5 lvl claric
7 lvl wild elf bard
5 lvl gnome bard
5 lvl orc dragon shaman (acid)
and me lvl 5 fighter.

Now im not sure on what feats i should get i was thinking of getting something like a two hand weapon fighter with power attack, cleave , great cleave then idk after that .

i got five feats to get but im not sure what first 5 would be best for our group we are not evil.

any sugguestions on first 5 feats? thanks
Who is the tank btw?

I myself played a Brawler Fighter, grabbing things was fun but required 1h and a free oh. I forgot what feats I ran though.
You should spec everything you got into Swordchucks.

So whats that, ambidexterity, Awesome Weapon Proficiency, And a pair of gauntlets would be useful.
well the gnome bard has like 23 ac and the orc is like 23 ac to.

i was thinking of making my guy do alot of damage with a 2hand. the bards just stay near me coz they give me + to hit and damage with there songs. the claric uses bulls str spell on me.
then id like power attack / cleave any thing i can.. not sure if i wanna get a chain or a 2hand weapon gr8 axe or sword
With MASK!
Make one.
Epic game follows.
If you're going for a two-handed Fighter, then you've got the basics down. I'm assuming you're just using the core three books to assemble your character (even though someone's using a class from the PHB2). It's just cleaner to operate under that assumption that guessing which of the eighty million OGL books your DM may or may not allow.

The best option for DPS is a Greatsword. Now, some people will recommend a Large Bastard Sword (2d8 and usable by Medium-size people like Humans) but that requires the Exotic Weapon Proficiency (an extra feat over the Greatsword) and comes with an inherent -2 to hit because it counts as a Medium weapon for a large person. That -2 to hit could've otherwise been put on a Greatsword and transmuted to four static damage. 2-16 base for a Large Bastard Sword is worlds under 6-16 for a Greatsword.

Your feat composition should look something like this:

Hmn: Secondary Style Feat
Lvl1: Power Attack
Ftr1: Cleave
Ftr2: Weapon Focus (Greatsword)
Lvl3: Secondary Style Feat
Ftr4: Weapon Specialization (Greatsword)

For your secondary style, that depends largely on what statistics you have available. If you have a very high Dexterity, it's always a great idea to have some bow feats like Point Blank Shot and Precise / Rapid Shot. Mixed with a Mighty Composite Longbow and your strength behooves you even at range.

Improved Unarmed Strike and Improved Grapple are a great way to lock down enemy casters, especially when you have people on your side who can cast Enlarge Person on you.

If you're not dungeon crawling too much, Mounted Combat and Ride-By Attack with Spirited Charge down the way become the most brokenly powerful attack in any Fighter's arsenal.

Or if you're just looking to help even out some of your glaring flaws, Iron Will and Lightning Reflexes are choices. However, it should be noted that you shouldn't build a character with the intention of no weaknesses. That's the fun of team gameplay, play to your strengths more than trying to compensate for your failings.
The DM says as long as its in any D&D book and it explains every thing well then we can use it.

also he likes to make us fight alot of creatures at once. like we killed 150 kobolds befor we started running out of heals then we ran back to the fort another time we fought a crap ton of ants.

he likes to surround us with alot of stuff and make us use every potion / heal we can.

Hes letting me change my Knight into a lvl 5 fighter coz i found out that i cant pick my feats out like a fighter so hes letting me make him a lvl 5 fighter.

so i got to pick out the feats for a lvl 5 fighter :/
Sounds like you are pure 3.5 not Pathfinder, so I guess you don't have access to the Archetypes.

Whenever I made I fighter I always started by imagining the fighting style I wanted to use and then built it up out of feats before making the character himself.

I think my Favorite was what I called the Halfling momentum fighter.

My friends called him the deadly jumping flea.

The idea was a Fighter using a Sword bigger then they were and dealing damage from pure momentum. Sort of a Spring, Leaping Power Attack combo. This tiny blur with a giant sword leaping from one end of the room to the other with devastating spinning blows as the sword dragged him around behind it.

So yeah Imagine the fighting style first. Then work out what feats you'd need to make it, all of them not just what you could have by 5th level. That way you have a map for how your character improves. Then go from there
I was thinking more of a gr8 sword with power attack ,cleave , weapon focus , then im kinda lost on what i should do after that
Greatsword Chop'em up guy

Tactical Feats from Complete Warrior; Combat Brute or Shock Trooper. You can't get either till you hit 6th but if one of them interests you, you can set up for it in advance.

Combat Brute is about Smashing stuff
Shock Trooper is about rush in hit hard and scatter the enemy

Brute is nice if you want extra oomph out of Power Attack

give em both a good look

and never under estimate the value of the Combat Maneuver feats. System for them is a little clunky in 3.5 (got better in Pathfinder) but there is still something to be said for being able to screw with your enemies in more ways that just Hitting them.

If there is a pit or ledge, shove them off it
If a guy is hard to hit, smash his armor to bits

Lot of people go on and one about how the fighter sucks in 3.5 but personally I always found them fun, you just need to be more imaginative in combat than just "I hit him with my sword"
Who is the tank btw?

I myself played a Brawler Fighter, grabbing things was fun but required 1h and a free oh. I forgot what feats I ran though.

You need a tank? I'm currently in a Pathfinder campaign with some friends. It runs off the 3.5 ruleset, slightly modified.

Most of the encounters we get avoids the Aegis. Maybe it's because he's a gnome.

We're all currently 7 except Ulric. He's 5 Gunslinger, 2 Witch hunter.
7 Crag Linnorm Sorceress - Quicken Spell, Empower spell, Spell focus Evocation, Spell focus fire plus bloodline arcana = Hai. Your Firebolt is now 10d10 + 10, DC 19 Reflex for half damage.
7 Gnome Aegis - Our "tank", that usually gets ignored by creatures. Between me(Sorc) and Ulric(Gunslinger/Witch hunter ... mmm Devoted Strike, Vital Strike.. /drool)
7 Arcane Duelist(Bard).

Currently have three NPCs, only one with us at any given time. Ranger, some winter wolf chick and this other chicken guy that refuses to see combat. :/

Considering we're currently in Irrisen, where everything's vulnerable to fire... 10d10 +10 Empowered Firebolt = 110 damage maximum + 55 for vulnerability...


Edit, just saw the AC comment. My sorc has 25 with her stuff up...
Also what is the best race for a fighter? And where should I put my skills to?

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