*Vehement* 10M 11/12 HM LF TANK/DPS

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Oh look, it's a girl :O

Still in need of a good tank.
Hey Recond- thanks for checking out the post man. We are in great need of a committed mature tank. I will look forward to your application on the website. And I would say we would most likely be able to use you tuesday night.

Since Nas is handling things on this end, I'll just do a little fishing of my own :p


^ guild recruitment forum post ^.^
Bumpity bump. Need that ranged DPS!!
Need a hybrid dps/heals (prefer Rshaman, MW) as well.
swbelf desperately seeking swhybrid. Common interests must include throwing shinies at people and exploring the intricacies of your totem. If interested, pst in game or add my battletag: LilyIsPet#1175.
Looking for confident reliable hybrid!!
just filled out your app real id is lardenis0831#1211 we can talk whenever you are free
Yo Lars- I don't see the app bro. Please check to be sure it went through. Def interested in getting you in ASAP. We're working on Heroic Primo atm, got him to 20% tonight first night on him.

Hey guys I just filled out an app as well. Scib#1428 is battle tag I look forward to hearing back!
mother !@#$er way to ask your bro if he wants to tank
just redid the app should be there now i hope let me know lardenis0831#1211
LOL Glory- you said you never wanted to tank!!! DPS !@#$%!
I have been raiding heroic end game content since Wrath. I am 531ilvl blood with frost os. Im 2/13HToT atm, H Jin'rok on this toon and H Ji'kun on my guardian druid. Im looking for a more serious raiding guild with interest in progression. I am very reliable and punctual for raids. If you are still looking for a tank I would gladly join your crew. My battle tag is Lilly#1249 or whisper me in game in Area 52 tyvm

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