LFGuild Monk/lock

Area 52
Looking for raiding guild of equal or slightly better progression. Currently 16/16 t14 3/6 HMSV and 1/12 ToT. Available days are usually mon-thurs 8pm-12am server (possibly later if need be). Warlock is ilvl 498 destro. Monk is currently 506 WW with a 481 MW set and spec. Willing to also drop 1 spec for BM if need be.

Contact me on realID Craven665#1130
Hello Wesden,

We are going to need some competent people to fill in the next few months and summer do to RL stuff happening.

I would like to discuss the options of you joining us and what it could end up turning into.

Contact me at zahkkul#1390 or on Zahkkul or Lorendo ingame. Also try our raid leader Methmos if I am not around.


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