found someone! thanks.
I should add, that should this banner not pass the muster of the Officers, I will most likely keep it for having printed onto a T-Shirt.
I may give it a swing coming up here. Don't let that stop anyone else. few things though.

I really doubt it's going to look good stretched out like that. I also hope I"m reading the tone of your post wrong.
Hey Foxesblood,

Thanks for the response. Yeah, as far as the technical aspects of the resizing of the image goes, I don't have much to add to that really, except that I'd like to be able to maximize the amount of Lazerbear going on, while the additions of Bikini Clad lasses, and floating Grumpy Cat Head featured quite awesomely.

If my tone comes across quite severely, truly my apologies for that. I have been hanging out with Steve Jobs selling oranges off the I-5 quite a bit too much recently, and I fear that this, coupled with my night life of hanging out with Kate Moss and her friends have started to affect my personality in an abject manner. As for how ones consciousness interprets in input of data and then cross-references that input across their own personal thoughts, dreams, and fears in order to produce a response, I just don't have much control over that, but I will start working on that in a bit more of a focused and professional manner.

Thank you again for taking the time to reply here Foxesblood, and please keep in mind to other photoshop wizards, I have 10k gold burning a hole in my pocket, for this work to be done for which I am to unknowledgeable and lazy to do for myself.
like I said I may give it a show should my work not inteupt me in the commings days. please keep looking.

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