More Shockadin BG Videos

Made a new video, and I'm making a new thread, but it is the same scenario as before. I've been making a few videos of random bgs to learn how to do it, and practice editing.

Hopefully you will enjoy watching them as much as I am enjoying making and vatching them myself. They can even be educational.

For instance, in this latest video a Shaman reincarnates after being killed. I did not notice it when it happened live, but the stun DR had not reset even after the Shaman died. I never knew that.

Edit: Just want to point out that this is a random bg, and the horde team appears to have at least a 4-man premade.
I've seen the video before and the meteorite is just awesome. Wish I had something like that , all I have is a falling hammer. Not quite the same.

I guess I could make a video more like what you are expecting. I guess it would start with abandoning the battleground objectives and just fight in mid, or on the road, until I found an under-geared person to put massive crits on. Do a slow motion zoom and some amped up music for the massive crit kill shot.

I'm not completely cynical about what you said. You make a good point, which is that the montage of massive crits and kill shots is sexy. And sexy makes for a good video. While I'm not likely to abandon bg objectives or be the road warrior anytime soon, i will try to jazz up the videos more.

I think I should have stressed the opposing team's premade more in the last video. Fighting against a premade in a random is often harder than RBGs. Downright impossible if the premade coordinates well. Perhaps it wasn't sexy, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a challenge. and worth sharing.

I couldn't show much individual effort in that video, so I've just finished a duel video vs rogue in 5.2 and on the PTR. I might do some more of these with other classes.
Love watching paladin pvp videos, i hope to make one this year
Video for the new MoP battlegroud - Deepwind Gorge

This was part of the "BG w/ the Blues". I didn't know they had guild tags or I would have pointed them out in the video.

On the Horde side there is a Ret paladin and on the Alliance team there is a Destro Warlock.

Its too bad that I could only run 2 bgs for the event, but I really liked the new battleground. It seems to be a variant of Eye of the Storm, where you have bases to contend with, but a capture item as well.

It is very aesthetically pleasing as well. GJ on the design and thanks for the fun games.. with the "blues"!!
That shockadin vid made me very nostalgic for old PvP...

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