<Scandal> LF R-Shaman or Mistweaver for ToT

We're a bit behind on the progression curve due to some inconsistencies in our raid group, but the lack of progression doesn't reflect the talent in the group. We downed Council on our fifth try, Horridon took about 12 tries, Tortos took us an hour. Sadly our inconsistent raiding schedule has hurt us. Current progression is 4/12, but we're looking to tear through some new content this week.

We're rounding out our 10 man group, looking to recruit a healer. Raid hours are Tuesday/Thursday 7:15-11:30ST. Invites go out at 7:15, first pull is usually 7:30. If you're interested, you can reach out to anyone in guild and ask for one of the guild leads - Chaosti, Bishouna, Torbann, and Beo.

We are currently in need of a shaman or monk healer.

About you:
- Show up on time, with appropriate flasks. We provide feasts, but if you have 300 food, great!
- If you know the fights, great. If you don't, then be willing to learn and progress with us.
- 495+ raid gear, properly gemmed/enchanted. A little undergeared is fine, but understand how your class works, know how to gem/reforge/etc.
- Carry your weight in the group.
- Be 18+.
- Reliability is key.

About us:
Mainly older, more established raiders with jobs and families. We're a very relaxed group, and vent can be chatty, and tends towards colourful language. This is not a ragey guild - if you get upset at mistakes or wipes, this isn't the group for you. Having fun is fine, teabag the dead, we're all good with that, but nasty does not work in our mindset.

If you're cool with that, come on a test run with us. We're more than happy to run our alts through TOES so you can feel us out :)
Looking for some shaman love!

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