Power Word: Water for ElePhantasms.

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Also, the high score as of a few minutes ago is 11.
Ody came in and beat Fearwards.

Shocking I know. ;p
Gravel. With a dash of quartz. Hmmmmm very tasty.

(Points for Neverending Story reference?)

To the winch, wench!
Welp. New mog time.


Gurl what you wearin'
Gurl what you wearin'

Very nice.

Except wuts up wid dat hat...oh, it's your ears.
My ears are cute. :( At least they don't bend in half when I laugh! What's up with that, Miz Blood Elf?
Bite your tongue.
You two are cute, were your ears made in Java or something?
I have a confession.

Even though I wear sandals . . . I still have bare feet. (What is with this model, I mean how lazy does a coder have to be? ((Rhetorical)) )
Angel food cake.

Too cliche?

Ok, Chocolate Chips!
Discussion topic: What food is your character most like?

04/25/2013 08:13 PMPosted by Elethia
I want in on challenges 2.0.

your new transmog.

more terrifying than your old transmog.

how is that possible?

e: i will do challenges. if i'm around for them!
Ody came in and beat Fearwards.

I should get a camera.

04/26/2013 05:54 AMPosted by Tsilyi
i will

Elly, I mean this with every ounce of respect, kindness, and love:

That is the most effing hideous dress I have ever seen in my effing life and I would punch anyone else in the face if I saw them walking around in it.


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