Nvidia driver constantly stops responding

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After having been gone since WOTLK, I had someone send me a Scroll of Resurrection. I'm running a brand new fresh install of Wow, the latest Nvidia drivers and in 2 hours of attempted play, I've crashed at least a dozen times with a "driver stopped responding" message.

I only see this in Wow and no other games.

I've tried most of the recommendations in the stickied thread on this with no luck. In fact, after the latest change (a Windows registry change to increase how long Windows GPU timeout setting), the driver crashed without me even moving or looking around. I was simply trying to reset the Interface settings which ALWAYS reset when this happens.

Very frustrated and don't see much point in going beyond my free 7 days from the scroll, when that sticky thread goes back to like last October.

If anyone was similarly frustrated by this problem and found a fix I'd appreciate any feedback.

Go to Advanced settings and switch from Direct X 11 to Direct X 9, this fixes the driver crash.
Yes, it does. I was actually logging back in to provide exactly that update as I had given this a shot last night. On DX9 I had zero crashes.

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