The Twisted Shadows fall...(Final stages.OOC)

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Hope the flash bang isn't too much. If it should work, it'd probably be fair to only affect him for a few seconds instead of a few dozen seconds like a normal thing.
Crap, sorry Drist I forgot about you O_O I feel like a derp now xD

Alright, now waiting for Dae
Posted ^.^
kinda rushed it abit though, let me know if it's ok, I'm definetly starting to move Ari to a hemomancer of sorts.
Tis fine, Dae, glad to see that you're still with us :)

I shall post...soon..ish..possibly. Later.
OKAY! Post is up. I suck at counting it seems.

Anywho, here is what's happening.

So...I kind of used my TM powers to G-mod everyone, for that I am sorry because I sometimes hate doing it, it was just to move us along. Alizar is now dead, you may say how injured you are/not seriously injured. If you are please seek Shinaria and her lightwell/spring for healing.

This is recover stage, once Rhal and everyone has posted, Project Midnight will be shut down.

Also before this thread is over, Krystala has...'gifts' for your work which invovles going back to her fortress. You will be free to use these items in other threads if you so WISHED. Character development is nice, right?

Have fun kids.
I's has postedededed! Poor little rha. I hurt him good. Maybe he should have been the death knight. *ponders.*
Adrian always gets thrown around.
Posted sorry tis short, but not much one for recover phases especially since there is no one for Sam to really respoond too:P So anyway Sam's wound is healed, but he lost too much blood for him to be able to move so soon, again sorry tis short:(
*crashes through wall* Yeah I will get a post up by atleast tommarow night. *rope wrap around me* OH DEAR GOD! NO! NO PLEASE!



Lineron: Thats why, IM MAKING YOU!

Me: *claws at floor as I am dragged away*
Posted. Surgeon General's Warning: The IC post contains a possible AWWW... moment. Read at your own risk.


Right, waiting for others before continueing
Okay so I lied about getting up tonight, don't be hatin brahs. *cowers in the corner*
Okay so I lied about getting up tonight, don't be hatin brahs. *cowers in the corner*

*Pulls out large tuna fish*

*Begins to beat repeatedly with*

Jokes, take ya time. Still waiting for others.
heh, beaten with a fish, not seen that in a while. And don't worry Lin, it's the weekend. No one gets anything done :P
beep boop
boopity beep boop
Ok post will be up tommorrow after maintenance, sorry for taking so long, trying to find a job for the summer has been keeping me a little busy.
Quuiicck role check.

Who be 'ere?
I AM HERE GOOD MADAM! Post is nearly done, and should provoke either, feelings of FEEL or you will say 'God damn it, Lineron.'
Oui. Adrian is sitting against a wall bleeding quite a bit.

Neat little through and through from his revolver above his left hip.

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