The Twisted Shadows fall...(Final stages.OOC)

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I'm here
I'm here as well.

Has there anyone here that has NOT posted yet?

Regardless, I'm making a post.
Adrian needs a fixin'.

And he's very delusional from blood loss.
Adrian needs a fixin'.

And he's very delusional from blood loss.

Yea inc heals for everyone. Hopfully before...

Well, just wait and see.
Posted, better late than never right?
Posted, better late than never right?

Very much so :)
I am still here, and have working interwebs again.
Yea remember how I said I was going to get the post up?

Well I WAS! But then seeing as I'm moving house, the Internet company that provides le internet decided to cut it off a day short. So no posting was done.

I will try to get it up while in college.
HOKAY, post is up. Here's your situation.

*Confetti* HORAH, Alizar is dead and Project Midnight is no more! It's rewards time.

For now, it's just chat and take as much gold as you can. There are no magical artifacts in this trove those are kept somewhere of which Kry is going to now. So while you wait, start lootin'

Peregrine, you get a new fancy sword (One of which I'm currently drawing to give you an idea of what it looks like) If you have plans to do more RP in World's End, fell free to use it :>

It's not uber godly powerful, but it does have some nifty tricks for shadowy versions of warrior abilities like shock wave and thunder clamp.

Everyone else will be getting something too, I will explain that in the next post once everyone else has posted. Have fun kids.

While I am at it, I'm going to say this again.


Thank you for cringing through my somtimes sloppy writing and RP. Thank you for joining me in this experience. I've loved every single moment and and every single day that I wake up and find out someone has posted, it makes me feel all fuzzy inside when I see the great posts that you have created.

You are all talented writters and Role Players and I have the utter most respect for every single one of you. You are all fantastic and I really REALLY hope I get to RP with you guys more in the future for as long as World's End still has life in it <3

In these final moments of this RP, I think I'm starting to miss you guys already. So let's make the most of it while we can :>

Again, thank you, thank you SOOO DAMN MUCH! :D
Stop it Lia you are makin me, at least, blush


Sam: Oh, grow up

Me: Shut Up, Sam!!

*bashful demon is bashful*

I am unaccustomed to sincere praise. I too look forward to the next RP we all dog pile into. Maybe I should start thinking of ideas for one to start.

And thank you Lia, I'm sure without you this experiance would have been much different. Such a good idea and plot, I rather enjoyed the whole thing.
Aww... shucks... thanks Lia. I had a lot of fun, so many great writers.

Maybe I should start thinking of ideas for one to start.

I do have an idea... not sure if I can TM it though. If you guys are interested, I'll write up a blurb about it later.
Sam just chillin watchin everyone take stuff:P
Okay, so i've been having internet problems, and I've also been trying to upload what the sword looks like for Peregrine...been having no luck yet.

We all still here? :o

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