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Hello, i am looking to xfer my warrior from an alt account i have on my battlenet and the char has an arena team well the account is currently inactive so how would i go by getting my toon out of the arena team without spending the money to turn the account on just to xfer the toon off of it..
Submit a ticket via the Support link here on the website and ask for the char to be removed from the arena team. The GMs will let you know if they can do this for you. Personally I suspect they can.
thank you for your out-put i have a ticket open in game just that it shows the wait over 5 hours and id like to do this now lol but i guess other ppl have better things to open a ticket about =/
Yeah, you are going to have to wait out the ticket queue. Nice to hear it is down to hours though instead of days! Still, it beats having to spend money to re-sub an account just to drop an arena team.

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