Most famous pally among paladin.

The only one that I think of when it comes to Paladins is Athene, his youtube videos were always funny.
Do you even Jamaz?

He's the reason almost every PvP Paladin worth a grain of salt had engineering from Vanilla through Wrath.

Lies, Grevious, from World of Paladincraft had way more impact than that baddie Jamaz.
Towelliee is pretty popular streamer.
Zalgradis was definitely the top for me

Kamil was pretty entertaining to watch as well though.
The M109A6 self-propelled howitzer.
Also Dernos

He made me go out and get a shard of the fallen star.

Rocked 8/8 judgement, red dragon and a hand of nef with a star.

This was the top of paladin "shockadins". They died after vanilla.

Felt like being a God.

Died after vanilla? True, they did die after vanilla. But more so, after BC. In BC, they were still very strong. In fact, I played a shockadin throughout BC. Not so much in arena. But I remember Westfall world pvp, 1v5 kids all day. Absolute immortality, with the ability to 3 shot anyone with Holy Shock.

Leeroy has to be the most famous. There are jokes about him throughout the internet, with people who don't even play this game.
Kamil is my favorite for PvP videos.

But Leeroy's definitely the most famous outside of WoW.

In WoW? If not Leeroy, I'm not sure who. Do PvErs know who Vanguards is? If many did, I'd say him after Leeroy Jenkins.
Vangaurds, Hobbs and Leroy are the only 3 that come to mind.
Kamil had the most entertaining vids.

Though, I was always partial to Zalgradis, Grevious, and Dermos because they had great music in their vids. That's not to say the stuff Kamil used was bad, not at all. It was just a different, and in some cases, worse, time back in Vanilla.
Longwriter, anyone?
<3 Zalgradis
mchammar (who by the way is still active on tich). he sorta lost fame when reckbomb went away.
There was a twink Juggernut level 70 that use to destroy level 80's back in the day. He was on Borean Tundra.
Sadly my first thought when I read the title was "Uther!"
Lakez and Cosaga is what comes to mind first. Also Slayton, Dernos and Shepiwat lol.
Reckoning was the very reason I made my first prot paladin. I'm going with the guy who solo'd Kazzak.
Athene, duh.
Athene in EU..

Sacredheals in US
Kneel before me!

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