[BUG] Priest 2pc resetting stats

Bug Report
So since they sanitized the thread AGAIN I wanted to re-post more findings.

Ran today with Lei Shen trink and the bug is still apparently in effect. 2 full restarts with this bug yet just to keep this in the back of blizzards mind.

For those of you just joining: Priest 2pc and in turn 4pc shadow is broken and a fix is known but has yet to be patched/fixed in any way.

Just do us the service of not sanitizing the thread by deleting posts to make us go away because it only kindles my fire. At least give us an update or a PTR patch note or something to prove that something WILL be done. Best case scenario would be a hotfix but I understand you are busy. This is getting old and I don't know how much longer a paying customer should have to put up with this.

Obviously at the end of my wits. You opened the bag of worms by admitting to the bug and stating a fix was found. Now either use those worms or eat them!
Yeah I'm not exactly sure what they hope to accomplish by "sanitizing" the thread and getting rid of legit statements or questions. Nothing is going to go away until the bug is fixed or at least an update is given. The fact that posts are being taken down just shows that someone has seen these and is aware of the fact that people are at there wits end.
I pay for and play this game to raid, pure and simple and as of right now no raid is going to take an spriest if they have another class available.
I do apologize for the inconvenience but the issue is resolved in an upcoming patch. This is not a discussion forum, if after the next patch the issue is not resolved please open a new thread.

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