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Death Knight
I havn't used a custom/advanced UI in a long time, and want to experiment with it again. What are some you people use/recommend that are easy to use, easy to setup and maintain and dont have too much clutter, or take up too much memory etc.

Or should I just keep it relatively simple and download bartender and grid and other simple modifications. Currently I run with refault action bars, default unitframes/raid frames recount, miks, omen, DkDoTS, DocsDebuggRunes, DBM.

What is a good name plate addon. I'm not interested in one like xperl that show unitframes and such. Just enemy name plates over their avatars that can track my diseases for aoe situations.
TidyPlates is a good nameplate addon.

Also pick up GTFO, its a real good addon so you dont stand in sh!t.
TidyPlates is a good nameplate addon.

Also pick up GTFO, its a real good addon so you dont stand in sh!t.

thanks, I'll pick up tidy plates. I usually just roll with DBM, I never stand in the bad long enough for it to threaten my life, heck, USUALLY, if there is an extended period of mechanic downtime, I'll pop AMS and then stand in the bad to get immediate dark transformation.

Regardless, ty for suggestion.
ElvUI is the best hands down.
I dont really like ElvUI :/. I used to run spartan UI, and eventually hated it, but not many people I know like SpartanUI anyway. I'll try skada, I've heard similar comments.

How do I get Tidyplates to display my diseases on all targets that have them without me having to have selected that target, if that makes any sense at all.
Tidyplates will display them over other targets but it requires your mouse to hover over them to get get it to show. It's not smart enough to look for it on it's own for all. So your mouse hovering notifies it to check and then puts your current dots and debuffs of the mob over their head with whatever their duration was at the time of the hover. To be fair if Tidyplates was always scanning every mob all the time for your dots and debuffs that would make it use a ton more memory than it does already. The same reason the threat/tank one is a separate addon because not all want to use that much memory in an addon.

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