Unable to connect to server

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Using an iPhone 3 with AT&T useless cannot connect to server message over and over :(
Im using an android phone and mine has been working well most of the day until a few hours ago. It just keeps saying can't connect to server. It did the same thing last Sunday all day long.
Having the same problem on my iphone 4s, grr
Glad I'm not the only one. The app has been giving me nothing but problems lately. I've always had the random "Connection Error" bs randomly when trying to get back in but it would always push itself through after 2 times but now it doesn't stop.

EDIT: Droid Bionic
Same, for a while now. Usually it struggles but I can force it through a couple of times, but overall the connection issues have been very frequent lately.

Samsung Galaxy S3
There are times when i try to log in to the mobile armory app it says "Login Failed"
"Unable to establish connection to server."

It started late Friday on in to Saturday it seems kind of spotty but about 70% to 80% of the time I can't log in. Then some times it works out of the blue.

Oh also even if i stay logged in it won't let me check my AH or other characters. It will give me the "Connection Error" "Unable to establish connection to server." message.

iPhone 4
iOS 6.1.3
armory version 5.2.2 (I think. I can't log in to see what it is but it should be the newest update.)

Brought this from my "unable to log in thread" because i think it is the same issue.
Same issue. Android phone, latest version. Normally I can connect on the second or third try but right now it's impossible.
Same issue here, usually I can get it to connect by dismissing the problem and then retyping my login in info but now even that is accomplishing nothing =/
Same issue ... seems to be down a lot lately
Is there a way to check the server status for this app, like the realm status?
The mobile server went down on Saturday 4/27 and came back up on Monday 4/29. If you're having connection related problems after this period, please create a new thread.

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