<Herald of The Titans> Feat of Strength

I'm looking to put a group together over the next month to go for the Herald of The Titans title in Ulduar. For those who do not know, this means getting a group of 80s together with ilvl 226 gear (ilvl 232 weapons) and killing Algalon. For those interested, message Jujitsû or Trîon in game or Battle ID "Alphatrion21#1707
I'll tank or dps
i'll go

525 ilvl have exp with the fight
i'll go

525 ilvl have exp with the fight

Oh you.

Also, look through OpenRaid or the Dungeons, Raids, and Scenarios section of the forums to fill your group if Tichondrius doesn't fit the glove.
Also, don't fret over having full "BiS", it's really not nearly as hard as you might think to do Algalon.
I'll take a look there too thank you
Up Up Up

I host weekly Ulduar 25 0 Light, I'll carry a few 80s for herald gear (mine is almost complete)
im up for ulduar anytime, herald or gearing runs, almost done my val'anyr as well, id like to finish it
add me, Id be glad to do a herald run soon. Jimmyrustle#1459
I'd be down to go on my 70 paladin just would need to level/gear it

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